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In today's modern world the traditional values of family and relationships are constantly changing. There is no longer a normality, and variations can be as the result of religion, ethnicity or region to name but a few of the potential influencing factors. Understanding this area of study can be challenging, but don't worry as we have a huge range of discounted family and relationship textbooks to help you get through your studies. Our new and pre-owned textbooks cover topics such as adolescence, child development, human relations, marriage and family experience and the process of parenting. Save yourself the hassle of visiting your packed and cramped college bookshop to buy your textbooks and order them here online instead. You will save yourself a lot of money and valuable time. Our textbook range is as impressive as any bookstore but our prices are far lower. We offer new and used books, all in fantastic condition. You can also use our buyback service when you are done with the books.

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Death, Society and Human Experience (11th Edition) by Kastenbaum, Kastenbaum, Rob... ISBN: 9780205001088 List Price: $111.80
The Marriage and Family Experience: Relationships Changing Society by Strong, Bryan, DeVault, Chr... ISBN: 9780840032218 List Price: $71.95
Understanding Close Relationships by Hendrick, Susan S. ISBN: 9780205349852 List Price: $74.00
Child Care Administration Planning Quality Programs for Young Children by Nelson, Linda S., Nelson, A... ISBN: 9781590706008 List Price: $69.28
Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations by Richmond, Virginia P., McCr... ISBN: 9780205042302 List Price: $110.00
Children and Young People′s Nursing at a Glance by Glasper, Alan, Richardson, ... ISBN: 9781118516287 List Price: $30.99
Child Development (5th Edition) by Feldman, Robert S. ISBN: 9780205655021 List Price: $162.67
Adolescent Portraits : Identity, Relationships, and Challenges by Garrod, Garrod, Andrew C., ... ISBN: 9780205036233 List Price: $106.40
Developing and Administering a Child Care and Education Program by Sciarra, Dorothy June, Dors... ISBN: 9781428361379 List Price: $123.95
Child Development in Your Classroom by Bergin, David, Bergin, Christi ISBN: 9781111186340 List Price: $188.95
Working with Young Children by Herr, Ed.D., Judy, Judy ISBN: 9781605254364 List Price: $76.00
Seeing Young Children: Guide T/Observing/Recording Behavior 6e by Bentzen, Warren R. ISBN: 9781418073787 List Price: $96.95
Administration of Programs for Young Children by Click, Phyllis M., Karkos, Kim ISBN: 9780495808985 List Price: $105.95
Infants & Toddlers Curriculum And Teaching by Swim, Terri, Watson, Linda D. ISBN: 9781418016623 List Price: $140.95
Parent-Child Relations: An Introduction to Parenting by Bigner, Jerry J. ISBN: 9780135002193 List Price: $96.67
Please Understand Me II Temperament Character Intelligence by Keirsey, David ISBN: 9781885705020 List Price: $15.95
Human Relations Principles And Practices by Reece, Barry L., Brandt, Rh... ISBN: 9780618502097 List Price: $162.95
Positive Child Guidance by Miller, Darla Ferris ISBN: 9781435418592 List Price: $101.95
Families in Global Perspective by Roopnarine, Jaipaul L., Gie... ISBN: 9780205335749 List Price: $58.80
Family Communication by Segrin, Chris, Flora, Jeanne ISBN: 9780415876346 List Price: $99.95
Child Welfare Case Studies by Brown, Venessa Ann ISBN: 9780205319091 List Price: $73.80
Simple Steps by Miller, Karen ISBN: 9780131704978 List Price: $35.33
Study Guide for Strong/DeVault/Cohen's The Marriage and Family Experience: Relationships Cha... by Strong, Bryan, DeVault, Chr... ISBN: 9780495905134 List Price: $52.95
Annual Editions: Early Childhood Education 10/11 by Paciorek, Karen Menke ISBN: 9780078050671 List Price: $198.13
Infants and Toddlers: Curriculum and Teaching by Swim, Terri, Watson, Linda D. ISBN: 9780495807865 List Price: $146.95
Annual Editions: The Family 10/11 by Gilbert, Kathleen, Gilbert,... ISBN: 9780078135880 List Price: $31.88
Dying Death, and Bereavement 11/12 (Dying, Death, and Bereavement) by Dickinson, George, Leming, ... ISBN: 9780078050787
Tender Care and Early Learning Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Child Care Settings by Post, Jacalyn, Hohmann, Mary ISBN: 9781573790901 List Price: $56.95
Marriage and Family Workbook An Interactive Reader by Manis, Robert ISBN: 9780205309313 List Price: $46.60
Global Families A Volume in the "Families in the 21st Century" Series by Karraker, Meg Wilkes, Fergu... ISBN: 9780205503230 List Price: $23.60
Annual Editions: Dying, Death, and Bereavement 09/10 by Dickinson, George, Leming, ... ISBN: 9780078127670 List Price: $31.88
Childhood and Adolescence: Voyages in Development by Rathus, Spencer A. ISBN: 9780495904083 List Price: $156.95
Family Life Education Principles And Practices For Effective Outreach by Duncan, Stephen F., Goddard... ISBN: 9780761927693 List Price: $78.95
Creative Activities for Young Children by Mayesky, Johnson, Steve ISBN: 9781418021276
Basic Skills For Nursing Assistants In Long-Term Care by Sorrentino, Sheila A., Gore... ISBN: 9780323022057 List Price: $29.95
Introduction to Working with Survivors of Childhood Trauma by Knight, Carolyn ISBN: 9780495006183 List Price: $123.95
Heavy Hands: An Introduction to the Crime of Intimate and Family Violence (4th Edition) by Gosselin, Denise Kindschi ISBN: 9780136139034 List Price: $68.00
Guidance and Behavior Management (Prof. Enhancemt) by Miller, Toby, Miller, Darla... ISBN: 9781418030988
Young Child and the Environment Issues Related to Health, Nutrition, Safety, and Physical Ac... by Sayre, Nancy, Gallagher, Jere ISBN: 9780205302932 List Price: $64.00
Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect by Crosson-Tower, Cynthia ISBN: 9780205337958 List Price: $55.00
Child and Adolescent Development by Seifert, Kelvin, Hoffnung, ... ISBN: 9780395964262 List Price: $195.95
Educating Young Children Active Learning Practices for Preschool and Child Care Programs by Hohmann, Mary, Weikart, Dav... ISBN: 9781573791045 List Price: $56.95
Marriages and Families With Infotrac Making Choice in a Diverse Society by Lamanna, Mary Ann, Riedmann... ISBN: 9780534588878 List Price: $96.95
Last Dance Encountering Death and Dying by DeSpelder, Lynne Ann, Stric... ISBN: 9780073405469 List Price: $126.56
Caring for School-Age Children by Click, Phyllis, Parker, Jen... ISBN: 9781428318199 List Price: $109.95
Lifemap Cd-rom to Accompany Adolescence by Santrock, John W. ISBN: 9780072900200 List Price: $23.80
PN Maternal Newborn Review Module by Wilkinson, Judith M., Hausc... ISBN: 9781933107141
Child Abuse A Global View by Schwartz, Beth M., McCauley... ISBN: 9780313307454 List Price: $63.95
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