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Are you in need of the cheapest books on this area of family and relationships? If you are you can buy cheap peer pressure textbooks from us today in pre-owned condition. These books have already come in useful for other college students - why not learn from them too? Look out for Fast Track Peer Group Intervention: Facilitator's Guide; Handling Peer Pressure; The Power of Peervention: A Manual for the Trainers of Peer Facilitators; and Dealing with Frustration and Anger (Character Education). As you can see there is a wide array of affordable books here and you could pay as little as a few dollars (or even a few cents) for each book. You can also sell your peer pressure books back to us if you ever feel the need to get rid of them. They could help other students learn from this subject as well, and that could be good news.

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Handling Peer Pressure by Clark, Kate Stevenson, Murp... ISBN: 9781604131208 List Price: $35.00
Dealing With Frustration and Anger (Character Education) by Stevenson, Kate, Murphy, Ma... ISBN: 9781604131239 List Price: $35.00
Making Smart Choices about Cigarettes, Drugs, and Alcohol by Giddens, Sandra ISBN: 9781615143382 List Price: $53.00
The Power of Peervention: A Manual for the Trainers of Peer Facilitators by Myrick, Robert D., Folk, Be... ISBN: 9780932796363 List Price: $39.95
Fast Track Peer Group Intervention Facilitator's Guide by Conduct Problems Prevention... ISBN: 9780195310023 List Price: $45.00
Friends and Enemies Peer Relations in Childhood by Schneider, Barry H. ISBN: 9780340732083 List Price: $78.00
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