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Most people are aware some children have particular needs. If you are planning on going into a career in this area, you will certainly benefit when you buy cheap children with special needs textbooks from our convenient website. We provide pre-owned text books with discounted prices that are very affordable indeed. Among the titles you can find here are Running With Walker: A Memoir; Families, Professionals and Exceptionality: A Special Partnership, and Educating Exceptional Children. With so many more options available as well, you can look forward to the chance to rent used children with special needs textbooks as well if it suits you to do so. Make sure you don't miss out - get the cheapest deals today and sell back to us at some stage as well if you want to. Our buyback service is much loved by students across America, as it frees up the chance to make some cash from unwanted text books.

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Families, Professionals and Exceptionality A Special Partnership by Turnbull, Ann, Turnbull, H.... ISBN: 9780135685518 List Price: $54.00
Early Gifts Recognizing And Nurturing Children's Talents by Olszewski-Kubilius, Paula, ... ISBN: 9781882664917 List Price: $24.95
Disturbed Exceptional Children An Integrated Approach by Samuels, Shirley ISBN: 9780898852806 List Price: $21.95
Gifted Children: Their Psychology and Education by Tannenbaum, Abraham J. ISBN: 9780024188809 List Price: $34.50
Abilities of Gifted Children by Pendarvis, Edwina D., Howle... ISBN: 9780130020727 List Price: $78.00
Understanding Child Behavior Disorders by Gelfand, Donna M., Jenson, ... ISBN: 9780030166181 List Price: $72.50
Children with Special Needs: Family, Culture, and Society by Paul, James L., Simeonsson,... ISBN: 9780030557439 List Price: $29.50
Planning Effective Curriculum for Gifted Learners by VanTassel-Baska, Joyce ISBN: 9780891082187 List Price: $49.95
Art Therapy With Children on the Autistic Spectrum Beyond Words by Evans, Kathy, Dubowski, Janek ISBN: 9781853028250 List Price: $28.95
All About ADHD: The Complete Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers, 2nd Edition by Pfiffner, Linda Jo ISBN: 9780545109208 List Price: $21.99
Inner Lives of Deaf Children Interviews And Analysis by Sheridan, Martha ISBN: 9781563682896 List Price: $45.00
Writing Development in Children with Hearing Loss, Dyslexia, or Oral Language Problems : Imp... by Arfe, Barbara, Dockrell, Ju... ISBN: 9780199827282 List Price: $69.95
Many Faces of Giftedness Lifting the Mask by Baldwin, Alexinia Y., Viall... ISBN: 9780766800069 List Price: $75.95
GROWING UP GIFTED by Clark, Barbara ISBN: 9780135696583 List Price: $90.00
Childhood Behavior Disorders and Emotional Disturbance: An Introduction to Teaching Troubled... by Apter, Steven J., Conoley, ... ISBN: 9780131307995 List Price: $45.00
Conceptions of Giftedness by Sternberg, Robert, Davidson... ISBN: 9780521838412 List Price: $100.00
Snapshots of Autism A Family Album by Overton, Jennifer ISBN: 9781843107231 List Price: $25.95
Growing Up Severely Autistic They Call Me Gabriel by Rankin, Kate ISBN: 9781853028915 List Price: $24.95
Handbook of Hyperactivity in Children by Matson, Johnny L. ISBN: 9780205145911 List Price: $110.00
Early Childhood Intervention Theory, Evaluation, and Practice by Brambring, Michael, Rauh, H... ISBN: 9783110154108 List Price: $145.80
Caring for a Child With Autism A Practical Guide for Parents by Ives, Martine, Munro, Nell ISBN: 9781853029967 List Price: $29.95
Educating Exceptional Children by Kirk, Samuel A., Gallagher,... ISBN: 9780547124131 List Price: $144.95
Conceptions of Giftedness by Sternberg, Robert J., David... ISBN: 9780521318792 List Price: $28.95
Assessing Severely and Profoundly Handicapped Individuals. by Rotatori, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780398051549 List Price: $36.25
Understanding Children With Special Needs (A Handbook for the Caring Professions) by Selfe, Lorna, Stow, Lynn ISBN: 9780044453673 List Price: $19.95
Mentally Retarded Child - Halbert B. Robinson - Hardcover - 2d ed by Robinson, Halbert B., Robin... ISBN: 9780070532021 List Price: $32.25
Milwaukee Project Preventing Mental Retardation in Children at Risk by Garber, Howard L., Hunt, J.... ISBN: 9780940898165 List Price: $15.00
Disturbed Exceptional Children An Integrated Approach by Samuels, Shirley ISBN: 9780898850253 List Price: $43.95
Gifted Children - Frank Laycock - Hardcover by Laycock, Frank ISBN: 9780673151421 List Price: $17.81
Exceptional Children and Youth by Haring, Norris G., McCormic... ISBN: 9780675204675
Conceptions of Giftedness by Sternberg, Robert, Davidson... ISBN: 9780521547307 List Price: $39.99
Basic Principles, Vol. 2 - R. Vance Hall - Paperback by Hall, R. Vance ISBN: 9780890790021 List Price: $11.00
Social Competence of Children with Disabilities: Nature, Development, and Intervention - Sam... by Odom, Samuel L., McCennell,... ISBN: 9781557660855 List Price: $32.00
Infants and Young Children with Special Needs: A Developmental and Ecological Approach by Thurman, S. Kenneth, Widers... ISBN: 9781557660312 List Price: $40.00
Dragons of Autism Autism As a Source of Wisdom by Holland, Olga ISBN: 9781843107415 List Price: $24.95
Behavioral Issues in Autism by Schopler, Eric, Mesibov, Ga... ISBN: 9780306446009 List Price: $98.00
From Gesture to Language in Hearing and Deaf Children by Volterra, Virginia, Erting,... ISBN: 9780387513287 List Price: $96.00
The Deaf-Blind Baby: A Program of Care by Freeman, P., Par, Kay ISBN: 9780433109068 List Price: $29.95
Children with Special Needs: A Developmental and Ecological Approach - S. Kenneth Thurman - ... by Thurman, S. Kenneth, Widers... ISBN: 9780205081431 List Price: $36.00
Growing up Gifted - Barbara Clark by Clark, Barbara ISBN: 9780675208321
The Gifted Child in Peer Group Perspective by Schneider, Barry H. ISBN: 9780387965345 List Price: $120.00
Applications in School and Home by Hall, R. Vance ISBN: 9780890790038 List Price: $11.00
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