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Here at Valore Books we have well over a dozen text books in stock on the subject of child development. If you want to rent used child development textbooks or buy them at a discounted price, you are in the best place to get the best deal. Look for some of the titles we have, including How Children Develop, Worldwide Variation in Human Growth, Books Alive!: Using Literature in Class, and Succeeding Generations on the Effects of Investments in Children. Whatever titles you want to find you can get the best and cheapest ones here at our marketplace. Remember it is also possible to sell your child development books back to us, so you can get the best deals at all times. With affordable prices all round, learning about the development of children couldn't be easier. Buy or rent now or get in touch for information about selling back to us.

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How Children Develop by Eisenberg, Nancy, Siegler, ... ISBN: 9780716795278 List Price: $101.24
Growing through Play: Readings for Parents and Teachers by Strom, Robert D. ISBN: 9780818504235 List Price: $21.95
Worldwide Variation in Human Growth by Eveleth, Phyllis B., Tanner... ISBN: 9780521350242 List Price: $126.00
Child: His Psychological and Cultural Development, Vol. 1 by Freedman, Alfred M., Kaplan... ISBN: 9780689702815 List Price: $4.95
World of the Child - Karen B. Owens - Hardcover by Owens, Karen B. ISBN: 9780030698538
Infant Development by Barclay, Lisa K. ISBN: 9780030635984
Growth and Risk in Infancy by Briggs, Stephen ISBN: 9781853023989 List Price: $44.95
Child Dev.:time to Grow-std.gde.f/tele. by Riddick, Glenda, Weir, Mary ISBN: 9780070528925 List Price: $24.50
Early Childhood: Development and Education by Gilley, Jeanne M. ISBN: 9780827315792 List Price: $36.95
Growing Child : Applied Approach by Unknown ISBN: 9780321034793 List Price: $67.00
Child : His Psychological and Cultural Development by Freedman, Alfred M., Kaplan... ISBN: 9780689703287 List Price: $4.95
From Birth to Five Years by Sheridan, Mary ISBN: 9780864310422 List Price: $11.95
Worldwide Variation in Human Growth by Eveleth, Phyllis B., Tanner... ISBN: 9780521359160 List Price: $53.00
Cerebral Function in Infancy and Childhood by Peiper, Albrecht ISBN: 9780306105142 List Price: $85.00
Multicultural Growth Chart by Unknown ISBN: 9780876285756 List Price: $13.95
Books Alive!: Using Literature in Class by Hill, Dave ISBN: 9780170067614 List Price: $19.95
Environmental Concept Development in Children by Rout, Pravakar ISBN: 9788170242062 List Price: $31.00
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