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Are you considering getting pre-owned text books for college instead of spending a fortune on brand new ones? We can provide you with just that possibility. Look for the cheapest titles today and make sure you can buy cheap emotions textbooks that delve into this specific area of family and relationships. We all know it can get emotional growing up, but this doesn't necessarily stop once you become an adult. Look at titles such as Piaget's Theory of Cognitive and Affective Development: Foundations of Constructivism; Emotion in Memory and Development: Biological, Cognitive and Social Considerations; and Emotional Development, Theory and Applications: A Neo-Piagetian Perspective. You will find many more opportunities to rent used emotions textbooks from us as well. We buy back emotions books whenever we get the chance and sell or rent them to other students just like you. Why not make the most of our opportunities and text books today?

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Emotion in Memory and Development: Biological, Cognitive, and Social Considerations by Quas, Jodi A., Fivush, Roby... ISBN: 9780195326932 List Price: $49.95
Understanding Schemas and Emotion in Early Childhood by Arnold, Cath ISBN: 9781849201667 List Price: $21.99
Understanding Schemas and Emotion in Early Childhood by Arnold, Cath ISBN: 9781849201650 List Price: $65.00
Clinical Perspectives on Reflective Parenting : Keeping the Child's Mind in Mind by Davis, Mary, Etezady, M. Ho... ISBN: 9781442235083 List Price: $36.99
Social and Emotional Development by Bukowski, William M., Laurs... ISBN: 9780415412025 List Price: $55.01
Emotional Milestones from Birth to Adulthood A Psychodynamic Approach by Neven, Ruth S. ISBN: 9781853024566 List Price: $36.95
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