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Research Act by Denzin, Norman K. ISBN: 9780137743810 List Price: $48.00
Thinking Methodologically by Goldenberg, Don L. ISBN: 9780060423827 List Price: $40.00
Fieldwork, Participation and Practice Ethics and Dilemmas in Qualitative Research by de Laine, Marlene ISBN: 9780761954873 List Price: $47.95
Rationality and the Analysis of International Conflict by Nicholson, Michael, Bierste... ISBN: 9780521398107 List Price: $46.00
Right Time and Pace A Microanalysis of Cross-Cultural Gatekeeping Interviews by Fiksdal, Susan, Wallat, Cyn... ISBN: 9780893915575 List Price: $41.95
Mathematics and Its Applications to Management, Life, and Social Sciences: With Finite and D... by Cozzens, Margaret B., Porte... ISBN: 9780669093681 List Price: $60.00
Cultural Methodologies by McGuigan, Jim ISBN: 9780803974852 List Price: $50.95
College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences by Barnett, Raymond A., Ziegle... ISBN: 9780023062315 List Price: $83.00
Read Me First for a User's Guide to Qualitative Methods by Morse, Janice M., Richards,... ISBN: 9780761918912 List Price: $50.95
Qualitative Interviewing The Art of Hearing Data by Rubin, Irene S., Rubin, Her... ISBN: 9780803950962 List Price: $48.95
Woodcutters and Witchcraft Rationality and Interpretive Change in the Social Sciences by Risjord, Mark W. ISBN: 9780791445129 List Price: $29.95
Qualitative Manifesto : A Call to Arms by Denzin, Norman K. ISBN: 9781598744170
Methodology of Herbert Blumer Critical Interpretation and Repair by Baugh, Kenneth, Jr., Campbe... ISBN: 9780521030359 List Price: $28.99
Mathematics for business and the social sciences by Wright, Fred M. ISBN: 9780840345219 List Price: $25.95
Introduction to Qualitative Research by Flick, Uwe ISBN: 9781847873231
The Sociology of Social Work by Davies, Martin ISBN: 9780415043571 List Price: $79.95
College Mathematics with Applications to the Business and Social Sciences by Gulati, Bodh R. ISBN: 9780060425388 List Price: $50.00
Survey Method by Marsh, Catherine ISBN: 9780043100141 List Price: $28.50
Communication Skills for Health and Social Care by Moss, Bernard ISBN: 9781412922845
Science and Judgment in Risk Assessment by National Research Council S... ISBN: 9780309048941 List Price: $69.95
Statistical Models for the Social and Behavioral Sciences by Dwyer, James H. ISBN: 9780195031454 List Price: $41.95
Approaches to Social Research by Singleton, Royce, Jr., Stra... ISBN: 9780195044690 List Price: $36.00
Focus Groups Theory And Practice by Shamdasani, Prem N., Rook, ... ISBN: 9780761925828 List Price: $99.95
Poetics for Sociology by Brown, R. H. ISBN: 9780521293914 List Price: $13.95
Social Theory of Modern Societies: Anthony Giddens and His Critics by Held, David, Thompson, John B. ISBN: 9780521261975 List Price: $59.95
Theory and Decision Essays in Honor of Werner Leinfellner by Eberlein, Gerald L., Berghe... ISBN: 9789027725196 List Price: $237.00
Problem of Sociology An Introduction to the Discipline by Lee, David, Newby, Howard ISBN: 9780044456414 List Price: $21.95
Scholarly Book Reviewing in the Social Sciences and Humanities The Flow of Ideas Within and ... by Lindholm-Romantschuk, Ylva ISBN: 9780313295140 List Price: $101.95
Understanding Risk in Criminal Justice by Kemshall, Hazel ISBN: 9780335206537 List Price: $26.95
Value Assumptions in Risk Assessment A Case Study of the Alachlor Controversy by Brunk, Conrad G., Haworth, ... ISBN: 9780889202009 List Price: $35.00
Civic Mathematics Fundamentals in the Context of Social Issues by Vatter, Terry ISBN: 9781563084355 List Price: $25.00
Qualitative Interviewing The Art of Hearing Data by Rubin, Herbert J., Rubin, I... ISBN: 9780761920748 List Price: $115.00
Rationality+anal.of Intl.conflict by Nicholson, Michael ISBN: 9780521391252 List Price: $54.95
Human Inquiry in Action by Reason, Peter ISBN: 9780803980891 List Price: $47.95
American Photography+american Dream by Guimond, James, Trachtenber... ISBN: 9780807819463 List Price: $24.95
Elements of Social Scientific Thinking by Hoover, Kenneth R. ISBN: 9780312241896 List Price: $9.95
Individualism in Social Science Forms and Limits of a Methodology by Bhargava, Rajeev ISBN: 9780198242796 List Price: $100.00
Recapturing Marxism An Appraisal of Recent Trends in Sociological Theory by Levine, Rhonda F., Lembeke,... ISBN: 9780275926380 List Price: $21.95
Research Methodology on the Social, Behavioral, and Life Sciences Designs, Models, and Methods by Ader, Herman J., Mellenberg... ISBN: 9780761958840 List Price: $59.95
Risk Assessment The Human Dimension by Hurst, N. W. ISBN: 9780854045549 List Price: $74.95
Controversial Issues in Social Research Methods by Greenberg, J., Folger, R. C. ISBN: 9780387965710 List Price: $97.95
Cultural Methodologies by McGuigan, Jim ISBN: 9780803974845 List Price: $158.00
Boring Records? Communication, Speech and Writing in Social Work by Prince, Katie ISBN: 9781853023255 List Price: $39.95
Basic Interviewing Skills by Gorden, Raymond L. ISBN: 9780875813585 List Price: $25.00
Applications of Case Study Research by Yin, Robert ISBN: 9780761925507 List Price: $113.00
Translating Questionnaires and Other Research Instruments Problems and Solutions by Behling, Orlando, Law, Kenn... ISBN: 9780761918240 List Price: $19.95
College Algebra in Context Graphing Calculator and Excel Manual: With Applications for the M... by Harshbarger, Ronald J., Yoc... ISBN: 9780321369765 List Price: $24.67
Corporate Profit And Nuclear Safety Strategy At Northeast Utilities In The 1990s by MacAvoy, Paul W., Rosenthal... ISBN: 9780691119946 List Price: $39.50
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