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Introduction to Nuclear Engineering by Lamarsh, John R., Baratta, ... ISBN: 9780201824988 List Price: $180.67
Radiation Detection and Measurement Glenn F. Knoll by Knoll, Glenn F. ISBN: 9780471073383 List Price: $197.95
Measurement and Detection of Radiation, Third Edition by Tsoulfanidis, Nicholas, Lan... ISBN: 9781420091854 List Price: $129.95
Radioactive Waste Management by Saling, James H., Fentiman,... ISBN: 9781560328421 List Price: $167.95
Nuclear Power by Newton, David E. ISBN: 9780816056552 List Price: $45.00
Nuclear Fuel Cycle From Ore to Wastes by Wilson, P. D. ISBN: 9780198565406 List Price: $99.00
History of Nuclear Power by Mahaffey, James A. ISBN: 9780816076499 List Price: $45.00
Nuclear Receptors A Practical Approach by Picard, Didier ISBN: 9780199637423 List Price: $99.00
Nuclear Energy by Tabak, John ISBN: 9780816070855 List Price: $40.00
Poison in the Well: Radioactive Waste in the Oceans at the Dawn of the Nuclear Age by Hamblin, Jacob Darwin ISBN: 9780813546742 List Price: $24.95
Nuclear Power and Public Policy - Kristin S. Shrader-Frechette - Paperback - 2nd ed., rev by Shrader-Frechette, Kristin S. ISBN: 9789027715135 List Price: $48.00
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster by Brennan, Kristine ISBN: 9780791063224 List Price: $30.00
Nuclear Systems II Elements of Thermal Hydraulic Design by Todreas, Neil E., Kazimi, M... ISBN: 9781560320791 List Price: $139.95
Radiation Detection and Measurement by Knoll, Glenn F. ISBN: 9780470649725 List Price: $50.95
Introduction to Nuclear Power by Collier, John, Hewitt, Geof... ISBN: 9781560324546 List Price: $161.95
Nuclear Power in the Developing World by Poneman, Daniel ISBN: 9780043381007 List Price: $29.95
Computational Nuclear Physics 2 - K. Langanke - Hardcover by Langanke, K., Maruhn, J. A.... ISBN: 9780387979540 List Price: $99.00
Energy or Extinction? by Hoyle, Fred, Cottrell, Alan ISBN: 9780435544317 List Price: $4.50
Management of Uncertainty Learning from Chernobyl by Liberatore, Angela ISBN: 9789057005527 List Price: $150.00
Before It's Too Late: A Scientist's Case for Nuclear Energy by Cohen, Bernard L. ISBN: 9780306414251 List Price: $25.50
Indo-Us Nuclear Deal by Chari, P. R. ISBN: 9780415544528
Denitration of Radioactive Liquid Waste (Radioactive Waste Management Series) by Cecille, L., Halaszovich, S. ISBN: 9780860108542 List Price: $133.50
Postures for Non-Proliferation by SIPRI Staff ISBN: 9780844813134 List Price: $19.50
Nuclear Power and Non-Proliferation: The Remaking of U. S. Policy by Brenner, Michael ISBN: 9780521235174 List Price: $39.95
Energy or Extinction - Fred Hoyle - Paperback by Hoyle ISBN: 9780435544300 List Price: $3.50
Nuclear Energy by Manatt, Kathleen G. ISBN: 9781602790476 List Price: $27.07
Optimal Control of Distributed Nuclear Reactors by Christensen, G. S. ISBN: 9780306433054 List Price: $182.00
Proceedings of the Seventh Astm-Euratom Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry, Strasbourg, France, ... by Tsotridis, G., Dierckx, R.,... ISBN: 9780792317920 List Price: $589.00
Seabrook Station Citizen Politics and Nuclear Power by Bedford, Henry F. ISBN: 9780870237119 List Price: $35.00
Nuclear Data for Basic and Applied Science Proceedings of the International Conference Santa... by Young, P. G., Brown, R. E.,... ISBN: 9780677213606 List Price: $1,239.00
Nuclear Connection A Reassessment of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation by Auer, Peter, Barkenbus, Jac... ISBN: 9780887022043 List Price: $19.95
Future of Nuclear Power by Greenhalgh, G. ISBN: 9780860109877 List Price: $147.00
Historical Encyclopedia of Atomic Energy by Atkins, Stephen E. ISBN: 9780313304002 List Price: $87.95
Impacts of Hazardous Technology Psycho-Social Effects of Restarting Tmi-1 by Sorenson, John, Soderstrom,... ISBN: 9780887063336 List Price: $23.95
Elements of Nuclear Reactor Engineering by Lau, L. Wang ISBN: 9780677022703 List Price: $251.00
Research and Development on Radioactive Waste Management and Storage Third Annual Progress R... by Commission of European Comm... ISBN: 9783718601912 List Price: $273.00
Nuclear Power: A Reference Handbook by Henderson, Harry, Vasan, Mi... ISBN: 9781576071281 List Price: $45.00
Direct Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel by Bechthold, W., Closs, K., K... ISBN: 9781853330797 List Price: $149.00
Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Seabed Sediments Proceedings of an International Conference by Society for Underwater Tech... ISBN: 9781853330629 List Price: $229.00
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