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Gendered Lives by Wood, Julia T. ISBN: 9781428229952 List Price: $98.95
The Law of Sex Discrimination by Lindgren, J. Ralph, Taub, N... ISBN: 9780495793229 List Price: $173.95
Race, Class, And Gender in the United States An Integrated Study by Rothenberg, Paula S. ISBN: 9780716761488 List Price: $44.07
Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender and Culture by Wood, Julia T. ISBN: 9780495794165 List Price: $102.95
Women, Men, and Society by Renzetti, Claire M., Curran... ISBN: 9780205335336 List Price: $104.60
Neither Man Nor Woman The Hijras of India by Nanda, Serena ISBN: 9780534122041 List Price: $19.25
Economics of Women, Men, and Work, The (6th Edition) by Blau, Francine D., Ferber, ... ISBN: 9780136084259 List Price: $130.60
Gendered Lives Communication, Gender, and Culture by Wood, Julia T. ISBN: 9780495006541 List Price: $98.95
Thinking Critically about Research on Sex and Gender by Caplan, Paula J., Caplan, J... ISBN: 9780205579884 List Price: $34.40
Media, Gender, and Identity by Gauntlett, David ISBN: 9780415396615 List Price: $37.95
Gender Basics Feminist Perspectives on Women and Men by Minas, Anne ISBN: 9780534528393 List Price: $137.95
Women and the Economy: Family, Work, and Pay by Hoffman, Saul D., Averett, ... ISBN: 9780321410948 List Price: $130.60
History of Gender in America Documents, Articles, and Essays by Hoffert, Sylvia D. ISBN: 9780130122254 List Price: $70.80
Examining Identity in Sports Media by Billings, Andrew C. Billing... ISBN: 9781412954600 List Price: $45.95
Sex and Revolution Women in Socialist Cuba by Smith, Lois M., Padula, Alfred ISBN: 9780195094916 List Price: $39.95
Gender and Development by Momsen, Janet ISBN: 9780415775632 List Price: $47.95
Engendering Psychology Women and Gender Revisited by Denmark, Florence L., Rabin... ISBN: 9780205404568 List Price: $115.20
Gender Reader by Ashton-Jones, Evelyn, Olson... ISBN: 9780205285303 List Price: $83.00
Gender & Nation by Yuval-Davis, Nira ISBN: 9780803986640 List Price: $53.95
The Kaleidoscope of Gender: Prisms, Patterns, and Possibilities by Spade, Joan Z., Valentine, ... ISBN: 9781412951463 List Price: $69.95
Elusive Equality : Women¿s Rights, Public Policy, and the Law by Mezey, Susan Gluck ISBN: 9781588267702 List Price: $26.50
Current Directions in Gender Psychology by Psychological Science, Asso... ISBN: 9780205680122 List Price: $40.40
Women, Technology, and the Myth of Progress by Leonard, Eileen B. ISBN: 9780130985958 List Price: $49.80
Gender Psychological Perspectives by Brannon, Linda ISBN: 9780205521142 List Price: $105.80
Current Directions in Human Sexuality and Intimate Relationships by Psychological Science, Asso... ISBN: 9780205723676 List Price: $40.40
Sociology of the Body by Malacrida, Claudia, Low, Ja... ISBN: 9780195425482 List Price: $59.95
Communication and Gender by Stewart, Lea P., Cooper, Pa... ISBN: 9780205317202 List Price: $99.60
Dress and Identity by Roach-Higgins, Mary E., Eic... ISBN: 9781563670572 List Price: $20.00
Readings in the Psychology of Gender Exploring Our Differences and Commonalities by Allyn and Bacon Editorial S... ISBN: 9780205305940 List Price: $61.80
Gender of Science by Kourany, Janet A. ISBN: 9780133479720 List Price: $76.40
Psychology of Women With Infotrac by Matlin, Margaret W. ISBN: 9780534579647 List Price: $95.95
Daughters of Gaia Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World by Vivante, Bella ISBN: 9780275982492 List Price: $49.95
Introduction to Gender Social Science Perspectives by Marchbank, Jennifer, Lether... ISBN: 9781405858441 List Price: $60.60
Gender in Applied Communication Contexts by Buzzanell, Patrice M., Ster... ISBN: 9780761928652 List Price: $51.95
Measuring Up How Advertising Affects Self-Image by Shields, Vickie Rutledge, H... ISBN: 9780812217919 List Price: $26.50
Economics of Women, Men, and Work by Blau, Francine D., Ferber, ... ISBN: 9780130909220 List Price: $81.00
Understanding Race Class Gender and Sexuality A Conceptual Framework by Weber, Lynn ISBN: 9780072434613 List Price: $41.56
Understanding Gender and Organiztions by Alvesson, Mats, Due Billing... ISBN: 9781848600171 List Price: $54.95
Sport And Gender Identities Masculinities, Femininities And Sexualities by Aitchison, Cara, Scraton, S... ISBN: 9780415259576 List Price: $49.95
Does Feminism Discriminate against Men?: A Debate by Farrell, Warren ISBN: 9780195312836 List Price: $19.95
Gender & Sexuality Critical Theories, Critical Thinkers by Beasley, Chris ISBN: 9780761969792 List Price: $48.95
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