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Academy of Theatrical Combat Basics Level 1 by Turney, Kimberly, Speaker, ... ISBN: 9780988508903 List Price: $27.95
Most Important Science Fiction Films of the 20th Century by Moore, Theresa M. ISBN: 9781938752094 List Price: $29.95
Magic Garment : Principles of Costume Design by Cunningham, Rebecca ISBN: 9781478638155 List Price: $67.95
Hello Devil. Welcome to Hell : A guide to the philosophy, art, craft (i‑ness) and down... by Jones, Claude Earl ISBN: 9780971443693 List Price: $25.00
Wake up and Live by Paul, John, Oquist, Courtney ISBN: 9780984724833
Taboo Theatre by Shafer, John Wayne, Shafer,... ISBN: 9781626612624
Nicole Kidman : A Kind of Life by Dickerson, James L. ISBN: 9780991374564 List Price: $19.95
Your Flesh Shall Be a Poem : The Art of Plein Air Dance by Bisio, Robin, Bee, Arna, Be... ISBN: 9780985126889 List Price: $21.99
Teacher for a Day : A Musical Skit for Middle School by Secretary Michael ISBN: 9781888712087
Improvise : Scene from the Inside Out by Napier, Mick ISBN: 9781566081986 List Price: $17.95
Cherry on Top by Brown, Bobbie ISBN: 9781644280157
Digital Filmmaking Handbook by Schenk, Sonja ISBN: 9780692782118 List Price: $49.99
Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Volume 1 : The Authorized Biography of a Clas... by Cushman, Marc, Alfred, Mark... ISBN: 9780999507827 List Price: $34.95
These Are the Voyages : TOS: Season Two by Cushman, Marc, Osborn, Susa... ISBN: 9780989238144 List Price: $39.95
Stagecraft Handbook by Ionazzi, Daniel A. ISBN: 9780887340789 List Price: $28.00
Costume Construction by Strand-Evans, Katherine ISBN: 9781478611295 List Price: $41.95
Story Maps : TV DRAMA: the Structure of the One-Hour Television Pilot by Calvisi, Daniel ISBN: 9780983626688 List Price: $20.00
Acting : The Gister Method by Alberti, Joe ISBN: 9780972745031 List Price: $30.00
Improvisation at the Speed of Life : The TJ and Dave Book by Jagodowski, T. J., Pasquesi... ISBN: 9780977309337
Worldwide Listening Guide by Figliozzi, John ISBN: 9780945053897
Notes on Directing : 130 Lessons in Leadership from the Director's Chair by Hauser, Frank, Reich, Russell ISBN: 9781937295028
Reading Contemporary Performance : Theatricality Across Genres by CODY, Gabrielle, CHENG, Mei... ISBN: 9780415624985
These Are the Voyages : TOS, Season Three by Cushman, Marc, Osborn, Susa... ISBN: 9780989238175 List Price: $39.95
You'll Be Perfect When You're Dead : The Collected Online Writings of Dan Harmon by Harmon, Dan, McGathy, Erin,... ISBN: 9780615745664 List Price: $15.95
English Lyric Diction Workbook : Instructor's Manual by Montgomery, Cheri ISBN: 9780989438551
Zen and the Art of Being a Professional Actor by Walcutt, John ISBN: 9780615982298 List Price: $22.95
Elements of Playwriting by Catron, Louis E., Bert, Nor... ISBN: 9781478635970 List Price: $23.95
Never Sleep Again : The Making of Wes Craven's a Nightmare on Elm Street: the Elm Street Legacy by Hutson, Thommy, Craven, Wes... ISBN: 9780991615407 List Price: $45.00
Playbook : Improv Games for Performers by Hall, William ISBN: 9780996014205 List Price: $11.95
Engage Now! : A Guide to Making the Arts Indispensable by Borwick, Doug ISBN: 9780972780438 List Price: $24.99
Laurel and Hardy : The Magic Behind the Movies by Skretvedt, Randy, Allen, Steve ISBN: 9781937878047 List Price: $79.95
Meaning in Motion : Introducing Laban Movement Analysis by Moore, Carol-Lynne ISBN: 9780990968009 List Price: $37.50
Best Ten-Minute Plays 2014 by Harbison, Lawrence ISBN: 9781575258867 List Price: $24.95
TIPS on Auditioning : Ideas for Actors by Jory, Jon ISBN: 9781575258959 List Price: $19.95
Best Ten-Minute Plays 2015 by Harbison, Lawrence ISBN: 9781575258980 List Price: $24.95
Hitchcock's Heroines by Young, Caroline ISBN: 9781683830818 List Price: $29.99
Monologues for Teens : 60 Original Monologues to Stand Out, Inspire, and Shine by Kimmel, Mike, Carol, Jean ISBN: 9780998151311 List Price: $14.99
Theatre of the Oppressed Roots and Wings : A Theory of Praxis by Santos, B�rbara ISBN: 9780578490564 List Price: $19.99
Singers Daily Practice Journal, Volume I by Montgomery, Cheri ISBN: 9780997557886 List Price: $28.00
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