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There is something incredibly powerful about gospel music that really makes the heart soar. If you love this type of music or you are learning about it at college, you'll be pleased to discover you can buy gospel textbooks online from us. We provide discounted prices on all kinds of text books including these, so you don't have to stretch your budget for college to breaking point. Watch out for a range of titles that includes How I Got Over Clara Ward and the World Famous Ward Singers; Happy in the Service of the Lord: African American Sacred Vocal Harmony Quartets in Memphis; and Gospel Music: An African American Art Form. With these and many other affordable titles available at discounted prices, it makes good sense to buy from our website. We buy back gospel books too so don't forget us even when you've bought all the books you need!

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How I Got over Clara Ward and the World-Famous Ward Singers by Ward-Royster, Willa, Rose, ... ISBN: 9781566394895 List Price: $51.50
Best of Country and Western Gospel Hymnal by Unknown ISBN: 9780614150605 List Price: $8.50
Best of Gospel Hymnal Songbook by Unknown ISBN: 9780614150629 List Price: $6.95
Amazing Grace by Unknown ISBN: 9780687041671 List Price: $4.99
Jack's Journey by Unknown ISBN: 9780687066612 List Price: $60.00
Jack's Journey by Unknown ISBN: 9780687066513 List Price: $15.00
You Are Lord Anthem by Unknown ISBN: 9780687093090 List Price: $1.60
Loves Redeeming Work Is Done Anthem by Unknown ISBN: 9780687092994 List Price: $1.80
O Clap Your Hands Anthem by Unknown ISBN: 9780687093298 List Price: $1.75
Open My Eyes Anthem by Unknown ISBN: 9780687093199 List Price: $1.80
Rise to Greet the Sun Anthem by Unknown ISBN: 9780687093793 List Price: $1.75
Go and Baptize Everyone Anthem by Unknown ISBN: 9780687092895 List Price: $1.80
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