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Art of Conducting by Hunsberger, Donald, Ernst, Roy ISBN: 9780070313262 List Price: $85.94
Music for Sight Singing (8th Edition) (MyMusicLab Series) by Ottman, Robert, Rogers, Nancy ISBN: 9780205760084 List Price: $98.60
Studying Rhythm by Hall, Anne C. ISBN: 9780130406026 List Price: $80.60
Listen and Sing Lessons in Ear-Training and Sight-Singing by Damschroder, David ISBN: 9780028706658 List Price: $124.95
Conducting : The Art of Communication by Bailey, Wayne, Payne, Brandt ISBN: 9780199347070 List Price: $62.95
Jazz Styles: History and Analysis by Gridley, Mark C. ISBN: 9780205036837 List Price: $90.00
Instrumentation+orchestration by Blatter, Alfred ISBN: 9780028645704 List Price: $63.95
Teaching Music Managing the Successful Music Program by Walker, Darwin E ISBN: 9780028645964 List Price: $98.95
Soundings Music in the Twentieth Century by Watkins, Glenn ISBN: 9780028732909 List Price: $148.95
Training Tenor Voices by Miller, Richard ISBN: 9780028713977 List Price: $72.95
Harmony in Context by Roig-Francoli, Miguel ISBN: 9780073137940 List Price: $127.81
Understanding Post-tonal Music by Roig-Francoli, Miguel ISBN: 9780072936247 List Price: $58.75
Teaching Brass A Resource Manual by Bailey, Wayne, Siebert, Ala... ISBN: 9780073526584 List Price: $82.50
The World of Music by Willoughby, David ISBN: 9780078025167 List Price: $88.75
Workbook/Anthology for use with Harmony in Context by Roig-Francoli, Miguel ISBN: 9780073137957 List Price: $41.88
Rock And Roll It's History and Stylistic Development by Stuessy, Clarence, Lipscomb... ISBN: 9780131930988 List Price: $77.00
History of Keyboard Literature Music for the Piano and Its Forerunners by Gordon, Stewart ISBN: 9780028709659 List Price: $100.95
Foundations of Music Education by Abeles, Harold F., Hoffer, ... ISBN: 9780028700113 List Price: $124.95
Music Since 1945 Issues, Materials, and Literature by Schwartz, Elliott, Godfrey,... ISBN: 9780028730400 List Price: $120.95
Form in Tonal Music by Green, Douglass M. ISBN: 9780030202865 List Price: $137.95
Listening to Music (with Introduction to Listening CD-ROM) by Wright, Craig ISBN: 9781439083451 List Price: $118.95
Structure of Singing by Miller, Richard ISBN: 9780028726601 List Price: $63.95
Music Fundamentals, Methods, and Materials for the Elementary Classroom Teacher by Boyer, Rene, Rozmajzl, Michon ISBN: 9780132563598 List Price: $188.60
Pointers on C by Kenneth Reek ISBN: 9780673999863 List Price: $133.80
Well-Tempered Keyboard Teacher by Uszler, Marienne, Gordon, S... ISBN: 9780028647883 List Price: $111.95
Norton Anthology of Western Music, Sixth Edition, Volume 2 by Burkholder, J. Peter, Palis... ISBN: 9780393931273 List Price: $37.50
Anthology of Post-Tonal Music by Roig-Francoli, Miguel A. ISBN: 9780073325026 List Price: $55.00
Music Business Primer by Rapaport, Diane Sward ISBN: 9780130340771 List Price: $39.40
World Music : A Global Journey by Miller, Terry E., Shahriari... ISBN: 9780415717816
Teaching of Instrumental Music (4th Edition) (Mysearchlab Series for Music) by Colwell, Richard J., Hewitt... ISBN: 9780205660179 List Price: $122.95
American Popular Music A Multicultural History by Appell, Glenn, Hemphill, David ISBN: 9780155062290 List Price: $104.95
Experience Music w/ 3 CDs and Connect Music Plus Access Card by Charlton, Katherine ISBN: 9780077516567 List Price: $99.06
Norton Anthology Of Western Music Ancient To Baroque by Palisca, Claude V., Burkhol... ISBN: 9780393979909 List Price: $57.75
Music in China by Lau, Frederick ISBN: 9780195301243 List Price: $24.95
Music in Childhood: Multimedia Update (with CD-ROM and Audio/Video Resource Center Printed A... by Campbell, Patricia Shehan, ... ISBN: 9780495572138 List Price: $108.95
Experience Music! with 2 Audio CDs by Charlton, Katherine, Hickok... ISBN: 9780077260705 List Price: $96.88
Inside the Music Industry Creativity, Process, and Business by Fink, Michael ISBN: 9780028707648 List Price: $107.95
Audio in Media by Alten, Stanley R. ISBN: 9780495572398 List Price: $172.95
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