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Blues and Evil by Spencer, Jon M. ISBN: 9780870497834 List Price: $19.95
Blues & Gospel Records 1890-1943 by Dixon, Robert M., Dixon, Ro... ISBN: 9780198162391 List Price: $170.00
Red River Blues The Blues Tradition in the Southeast by Bastin, Bruce ISBN: 9780252065217 List Price: $20.95
From Timbuktu to the Mississippi Delta by Thiam, Pascal Bokar ISBN: 9781609278618
Listener's Guide to the Blues by Guralnick, Peter ISBN: 9780871965677 List Price: $11.95
Looking Up At Down by Barlow, William ISBN: 9780877225836 List Price: $29.95
Staging the Blues : From Tent Shows to Tourism by McGinley, Paige A. ISBN: 9780822357452 List Price: $24.95
Joe Bonamassa - Blues of Desperation by Bonamassa, Joe ISBN: 9781495061370 List Price: $22.99
Staging the Blues : From Tent Shows to Tourism by McGinley, Paige A. ISBN: 9780822357315 List Price: $89.95
Jazz and Blues by Coil, Suzanne M. ISBN: 9780816035595 List Price: $19.95
Spirituality Sensuality Literality by Dorsey, Brian ISBN: 9783700313229 List Price: $68.00
Highway 61 : Fact and Fiction of the Blues Highway by Bright, Derek ISBN: 9780752489247
Cousin Joe: Blues from New Orleans - Joseph Pleasant - Hardcover by Joseph, Pleasant, Ottenheim... ISBN: 9780226411989 List Price: $23.95
Virginia Piedmont Blues by Pearson, Barry L. ISBN: 9780812282092 List Price: $42.50
Early Downhome Blues by Titon, Jeff Todd ISBN: 9780807821701 List Price: $45.00
Doing Time With the Blues by Arnold, Bruce E. ISBN: 9781890944179 List Price: $20.00
Doing Time With the Blues by Arnold, Bruce E. ISBN: 9781890944186 List Price: $20.00
James Baldwin Review : Volume 8 by Field, Douglas, Joyce, Just... ISBN: 9781526170057
James Baldwin Review : Volume 9 by Field, Douglas, Joyce, Just... ISBN: 9781526176158
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