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Everyone realizes the importance of keeping accurate medical records. However, if you're studying a course on this topic at college, it's even more important that you know the basics and more advanced processes behind medical history and records. Fortunately you can buy medical history and records textbooks online by looking through our extensive collection of textbooks right now. Discover how electronic health records work and how to keep and manage them. Find out about the evidence based approach to developing a patient history, and learn more about SOAP notes too. It's all here - you can buy cheap medical history and records textbooks direct from our website now without paying the huge list prices associated with these books. Keep more dollars in your pocket and stand a chance of earning some as well when you sell back discounted titles using our buyback process. Our site is here to serve everyone.

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Lab Manual for Green/Bowie's Essentials of Health Information Management by Green, Michelle A., Bowie, ... ISBN: 9781439060063 List Price: $50.95
Ota's Guide to Writing Soap Notes by Borcherding, Sherry, Morrea... ISBN: 9781556427794 List Price: $46.95
Electronic Health Records by Hamilton, Byron, Hamilton, ... ISBN: 9780073374390 List Price: $68.20
Electronic Health Records for Allied Health Careers by Sanderson, Susan M. ISBN: 9780073401973 List Price: $42.67
Clinical Encounter A Guide to the Medical Interview and Case Presentation by Billings, J. Andrew, Stoeck... ISBN: 9780815113744 List Price: $44.95
Using the Electronic Health Record in the Healthcare Provider Practice by Maki, Shirley Eichenwald, P... ISBN: 9781418049881 List Price: $78.95
Documenting Care by Fischbach, Frances T. ISBN: 9780803635616 List Price: $27.95
Processing Medical Documents by Poland, Robert P. ISBN: 9780028047454 List Price: $68.20
Patient History Evidence-Based Approach by Tierney, Lawrence, Henderso... ISBN: 9780071402606 List Price: $51.95
Prentice Hall's Question and Answer Review of Health Information Management by Bailey, Susan Pritchard, Gr... ISBN: 9780130982575 List Price: $38.80
2004 Coding Workbook for the Physician's Office by Covell, Alice ISBN: 9781401883041 List Price: $30.95
Treatment Planning for Rehabilitation: A Patient-Centered Approach by Ozer, Mark, Peyton, Otto, N... ISBN: 9780070778825
ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS by Hamilton, Byron ISBN: 9780077280208 List Price: $66.75
Aspects of the Computer-Based Patient Record by Ball, M. H., Collen, M., Ha... ISBN: 9780387977232 List Price: $79.95
Medical Records in Health Information - Kathleen A. Waters - Hardcover by Waters, Kathleen, Murphy, G... ISBN: 9780894431579 List Price: $55.75
Being a Medical Records Clerk by McMiller, Kathryn ISBN: 9780893038076 List Price: $49.00
Medical Interview:three-function Appr. by Cohen, Steven A., Cole, Matt ISBN: 9780801603457 List Price: $32.95
Health Information Management Concepts, Principles, and Practice by LaTour, Kathleen M., Eichen... ISBN: 9781584261421 List Price: $96.95
Ems Report Writing A Pocket Reference by Stanford, Todd ISBN: 9780893038236 List Price: $34.67
Course360 Diagnostic Coding ICD-9CM on CLMS Printed Access Code by Cengage Learning, (Cengage ... ISBN: 9781133133681
Healthcare Records Management by Carse, Timothy, Slater, Jef... ISBN: 9780074131176 List Price: $75.00
Prg Quick Notes A Reference Set for Coding by Schnering, Patricia, Spivey... ISBN: 9780970457233 List Price: $22.95
Prehospital Treatment Protocols and Algorithms by Ward, J. Thomas ISBN: 9780801653216 List Price: $25.95
Health Information Management 865 Questions & Answers by Bailey, Susan P., Green, Mi... ISBN: 9780838503539 List Price: $34.67
Medical Record:examination Review by Bailey, Susan P. ISBN: 9780838561928 List Price: $25.95
Law of Health Records in North Carolina by Dellinger, Anne M., Brannon... ISBN: 9781560110934 List Price: $12.00
OneKey CourseCompass, Student Access Kit, Health Information Technology and Management by Gartee, Richard W. ISBN: 9780135004036 List Price: $20.00
Electronic Health Records A Practical Guide for Professional and Organizations by Amatayakul, Margret K. ISBN: 9781584261674 List Price: $69.95
Patient Care Flow Chart by Alexander, Steven R. ISBN: 9781878487278 List Price: $59.95
Reading the Medical Record : Instructor's Guide by Litchford, Mary D., Yordy, ... ISBN: 9781880989272 List Price: $5.00
Reading the Medical Record User's Manual by Litchford, Mary D., Yordy, ... ISBN: 9781880989265 List Price: $7.00
Medical Records Handbook for the Physician's Office by Wesley, Barbara O. ISBN: 9781893621046 List Price: $45.00
Medical Interview by Lipkin, Mack, Jr., Putnam, ... ISBN: 9783540942573 List Price: $138.00
Healthcare Records: A Practical Legal Guide by Tomes, Jonathan P. ISBN: 9780840358325 List Price: $55.00
Health Information Management Principles and Practice by McWay, Dana C. ISBN: 9781401805005 List Price: $54.95
Records of the American Women's Hospitals, 1917-1982 : An Inventory by Hewitt, Nancy A. ISBN: 9780944542019 List Price: $5.00
Clinical Interviewing : A Programmed Manual by Froelich, Bishop, Steven I. ISBN: 9780801617034 List Price: $18.95
Monitoring Patient Care : Are Your Patients Safe? by Cox, Meridith B. ISBN: 9780912665238 List Price: $30.00
Automated Anaesthetic Records by Kenney ISBN: 9780702013430 List Price: $62.00
Icd-9-cm 2005 Expert Physicians Volumes 1 &2 -updateable by Ingenix, Medicode ISBN: 9781563298752 List Price: $135.95
Clinical Interviewing Skills: A Programmed Manual for Data Gathering Evaluation by Froelich, Bishop, Steven I. ISBN: 9780801617027 List Price: $19.50
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