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Searching for the most affordable deals on family and relationships text books can feel like a challenge. It doesn't have to be difficult though because you can buy cheap teenagers textbooks here, along with many other great deals as well. We have the cheapest pre-owned books you could hope to get, and they include many that are focused on the teenage years. Watch for titles including Verbal Interaction and Development in Families with Adolescents; Between Adolescents and Parents; Please Talk with Me: A Guide to Teen-Adult Dialog; and Parents and Adolescents in Changing Families. Our prices are largely well below the usual prices you'd pay anywhere else, so you can always get the cheapest deals when you try us for size. Learn more about teenagers and their troubles today when you buy or rent used teenagers textbooks from Valore Books. You will never be disappointed when you get these deals.

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Verbal Interaction and Development in Families with Adolescents (Advances in Applied Develop... by Hofer, Manfred, Youniss, Ja... ISBN: 9781567503913 List Price: $99.95
Young People, Health and Family Life by Brannen, Julia, Dodd, Kathr... ISBN: 9780335190973 List Price: $49.95
Verbal Interaction and Development in Families With Adolescents by Hofer, Manfred, Youniss, Ja... ISBN: 9781567503920 List Price: $45.00
Parents and Adolescents in Changing Families by Demo, David H., Ambert, Ann... ISBN: 9780916174514 List Price: $36.95
Please Talk With Me A Guide to Teen-Adult Dialogue by Gaetano, Ronald J., Grout, ... ISBN: 9780840364883 List Price: $14.95
Understanding and Coping With Divorce by Wagner, Heather Lehr ISBN: 9780791066911 List Price: $25.00
Kids and Drugs A Handbook for Parents and Professionals by Tobias, Joyce M., Tobias, T... ISBN: 9780961670030 List Price: $6.00
Between Adolescents and Parents by Smilansky, Moshe ISBN: 9780962596346 List Price: $29.95
Two Worlds of Your Teenager by Kaluri, Sacha, Karras, Sonya ISBN: 9781925048926
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