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Urban Learners by De Lucia, Robert ISBN: 9780131729384 List Price: $25.00
Connection Learning Across the Institution by HE, Eddy, Pamela L. ISBN: 9781118883464 List Price: $29.00
Your Guide to College Success: Strategies for Achieving Your Goals by Santrock, John W., Halonen,... ISBN: 9781428231122 List Price: $78.95
Focus on Community College Success by Staley, Constance (Constanc... ISBN: 9780495906438 List Price: $80.95
On Campus by Fitton, Diane S. ISBN: 9780135145739 List Price: $38.80
Game of Life College Sports and Educational Values by Shulman, James Lawrence, Bo... ISBN: 9780691070759 List Price: $67.50
Handbook of Online Learning by Schoenholtz-Read, Judith, R... ISBN: 9781412961035 List Price: $58.95
Keyboarding & Formatting Essentials Microsoft Word 2002 / Microsoft Word 2003 Lessons 1-60 by VanHuss, Susie, Forde, Conn... ISBN: 9780538727570 List Price: $86.95
Opening Doors by Cortina, Joe, Elder, Janet ISBN: 9780072997668 List Price: $68.55
Insider's Guide to the Psychology Major by Wegenek, Amira Rezec, Buski... ISBN: 9781433808159 List Price: $29.95
Communication Counts in College, Career, and Life (2nd Edition) by Worley, David, Worley, Debr... ISBN: 9780205830138 List Price: $79.33
The First-Generation College Experience by Baldwin, Amy ISBN: 9780137071234 List Price: $42.67
College Reading And Study Strategies by Van Blerkom, Dianna L., Mul... ISBN: 9780534584207 List Price: $113.95
ASHE Reader on Finance in Higher Education by Yeager, John L., Associatio... ISBN: 9780536628824 List Price: $71.00
Mission and Money: Understanding the University by Weisbrod, Burton A., Ballou... ISBN: 9780521735742 List Price: $28.99
Building Vocabulary for College by Smith, R. Kent ISBN: 9780495906360 List Price: $120.95
Unsafe in the Ivory Tower: The Sexual Victimization of College Women by Daigle, Leah E., Fisher, Bo... ISBN: 9781412954778 List Price: $37.95
Organization & Governance in Higher Education by Brown, M. Christopher, Asso... ISBN: 9780536607492 List Price: $64.20
Our Underachieving Colleges by Bok, Derek ISBN: 9780691136189 List Price: $25.95
Negotiating Graduate School A Guide for Graduate Students by Rossman, Mark H. ISBN: 9780761924845 List Price: $46.95
Higher Learning : Reading and Writing about College by See, Patti, Taylor, Bruce ISBN: 9780132318013 List Price: $36.80
Aausc 2010 : Critical and Intercultural Theory and Language Pedagogy by Levine, Glenn S., Phipps, A... ISBN: 9780495800071
Faculty Development Workbook Module 10 Customer Service in Classroom by Solomon, Amy ISBN: 9781418047962 List Price: $24.95
What's Happening to Public Higher Education? by Ehrenberg, Ronald G. ISBN: 9780801887130 List Price: $30.00
The Purpose-Guided Student: Dream to Succeed by Pattengale, Jerry ISBN: 9780073522418 List Price: $55.63
Thea, The Best Test Preparation For The Texas Higher Education Assessment by Chadwick-Joshua, Jocelyn, C... ISBN: 9780738600376 List Price: $21.95
Choosing Colleges How Social Class and Schools Structure Opportunity by McDonough, Patricia M. ISBN: 9780791434789 List Price: $29.95
Sports and Freedom The Rise of Big-Time College Athletics by Smith, Ronald A. ISBN: 9780195065824 List Price: $50.00
Surviving Your Dissertation A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process by Rudestam, Kjell Erik, Newto... ISBN: 9780761919629 List Price: $41.95
Teacher in America by Barzun, Jacques ISBN: 9780913966792 List Price: $14.50
Coping With College A Guide For Academic Success by Hamachek, Alice L. ISBN: 9780131706927 List Price: $32.60
Wadsworth's Quick Guide for the Community College Student by Wadsworth Publishing Staff ISBN: 9781413022629 List Price: $3.95
The Community College Experience by Baldwin, Amy ISBN: 9780131959200 List Price: $39.60
Conscience of the Campus Case Studies in Moral Reasoning Among Today's College Students by Davey, Joseph Dillon, Davey... ISBN: 9780275972110 List Price: $26.95
Urban Learners Serious About College Success by De Lucia, Robert ISBN: 9780130417947 List Price: $40.40
African Experience With Higher Education by Ade Ajayi, Jacob F., Goma, ... ISBN: 9780821411612 List Price: $22.95
How to Write a Thesis by Murray, Rowena ISBN: 9780335219681 List Price: $35.95
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