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Psychology is known as the science of the mind, and as the human brain is the most complex machine known to man it is a very interesting subject to study. Human behavior is effectively the raw data of psychology. The relationship between the brain, mind and behavior is what psychologists examine. As a psychology student you will be interested in the behaviors of others, and may be surprised to learn that there are still a few individuals out there who opt to buy the same textbooks that we sell here from expensive college bookshops instead, often paying much, much more for the same product. Very peculiar behavior! We're sure you won't make the same mistake now that you are here and can see our fantastic range of affordable psychology textbooks for yourself. Browse through our great collection, place an order, and we will send them to the address of your choice. You can even use our buyback service when you are dome with them.

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Critical Thinking by Moore, Brooke Noel, Parker,... ISBN: 9780073386676 List Price: $108.75
Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, Student Value Edition (10th Edition) by Slavin, Robert E. ISBN: 9780132656597 List Price: $91.13
Learning Theories: An Educational Perspective (6th Edition) by Schunk, Dale H. ISBN: 9780137071951 List Price: $137.33
Educational Psychology: Developing Learners (7th Edition) (MyEducationLab Series) by Ormrod, Jeanne Ellis ISBN: 9780137001149 List Price: $147.40
Critical Thinking: A Student's Introduction by Bassham, Gregory, Irwin, Wi... ISBN: 9780073407432 List Price: $107.19
Introduction to the Theories of Learning by Hergenhahn, B. R., Olson, M... ISBN: 9780136057727 List Price: $140.60
Critical Thinking w/ Connect Plus for Critical Thinking Access Card by Moore, Brooke Noel, Parker,... ISBN: 9780077510855 List Price: $110.94
Educational Psychology in Context Readings for Future Teachers by Canestrari, Alan S., Marlow... ISBN: 9781412913881 List Price: $55.95
Critical Thinking : A User's Manual by Jackson, Debra, Newberry, Paul ISBN: 9780495814078 List Price: $131.95
Critical Thinking About Research Psychology and Related Fields by Meltzoff, Julian ISBN: 9781557984555 List Price: $24.95
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Energy and Society by Easton, Thomas A. ISBN: 9780078127557 List Price: $35.31
Annual Editions: Educational Psychology, 09/10 by Cauley, Kathleen M., Pannoz... ISBN: 9780073516400 List Price: $34.88
Educational Psychology by Santrock, John W. ISBN: 9780073378589 List Price: $147.50
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing A Brief guide to Argument by Barnet, Sylvan, Bedau, Hugo... ISBN: 9780312412753 List Price: $41.75
Freedom to Learn by Rogers, Carl Ransom, Freibe... ISBN: 9780024031211 List Price: $66.67
Psychology Applied to Teaching by Snowman, Jack, McCown, Rick... ISBN: 9780618968565 List Price: $157.95
Introduction To Theories Of Learning by Hergenhahn, B. R., Olson, M... ISBN: 9780131147225 List Price: $132.60
Up and Out Using Critical and Creative Thinking Skills to Enhance Learning by Johnson, Andrew P. ISBN: 9780205297313 List Price: $27.40
Educational Psychology: Windows on Classrooms by Eggen, Paul, Kauchak, Don P. ISBN: 9780135016688 List Price: $147.40
THiNK by Boss ISBN: 9780073134901 List Price: $90.75
Classroom Motivation (2nd Edition) by Eric M. Anderman, Lynley M ... ISBN: 9780133017885 List Price: $50.40
Critical Thinking by Unknown ISBN: 9780536028655 List Price: $32.90
Asking the Right Questions by Browne, M. Neil, Keeley, St... ISBN: 9780205506682 List Price: $43.33
27. Teaching by Biehler, Robert F. ISBN: 9780395615980 List Price: $63.16
Conditions of Learning by Gagne, Robert M. ISBN: 9780030636882 List Price: $66.50
Handbook of School Psychology by Reynolds, Cecil R., Gutkin,... ISBN: 9780471707479 List Price: $190.95
Learning Theories An Educational Perspective by Schunk, Dale H. ISBN: 9780132435659 List Price: $136.53
Educational Psychology by Woolfolk-Hoy, Anita E. ISBN: 9780205459469 List Price: $118.80
Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Educational Psychology, 6/e with FREE Annual Editions: Asses... by Abbeduto, Leonard, Symons, ... ISBN: 9780077386108 List Price: $40.31
Educational Psychology A Problem-Based Approach by Jordan, Elizabeth A., Porat... ISBN: 9780205359127 List Price: $103.00
Educational Psychology Theory and Practice by Slavin, Robert E. ISBN: 9780205470990 List Price: $113.20
Critical Thinking by Zechmeister, Eugene B., Joh... ISBN: 9780534165963 List Price: $28.00
Critical Thinking Tools for Taking Charge of Your learning and Your Life by Paul, Richard, Elder, Linda ISBN: 9780131149625 List Price: $64.60
Multilevel Approach To The Study Of Motor Control And Learning by Rose, Debra J., Christina, ... ISBN: 9780805360318 List Price: $117.60
Instructional Patterns Strategies for Maximizing Student Learning by Holt, Larry C., Kysilka, Ma... ISBN: 9780761928249 List Price: $96.95
The Vocabulary of Critical Thinking by Washburn, Phil ISBN: 9780195324808 List Price: $34.95
Psychology of Learning by Machado, Armando, Silva, Fr... ISBN: 9780130917683 List Price: $37.80
Teaching 21 Thinking Skills for the 21st Century : The MiCOSA Model by Robinson-Zanartu, Carol, Do... ISBN: 9780132698443
Quest Reading the World and Arguing for Change by Stallings, Kim ISBN: 9780131114678 List Price: $81.80
Becoming a Critical Thinker by Diestler, Sherry ISBN: 9780132413138 List Price: $75.20
Critical Thinking for Helping Professionals: A Skills-Based Workbook by Gibbs, Leonard, Gambrill, E... ISBN: 9780195330953 List Price: $49.95
Essentials of Educational Psychology by Ormrod, Jeanne E. ISBN: 9780135016572 List Price: $108.80
Critical Edge Thinking and Researching in a Virtual Society by Thiroux, Emily ISBN: 9780137592265 List Price: $27.20
Literacy in the Secondary English Classroom Strategies for Teaching the Way Kids Learn by Meeks, Lynn Langer, Austin,... ISBN: 9780205352548 List Price: $55.99
Educational Psychology Developing Learners by Ormrod, Jeanne Ellis ISBN: 9780136127024 List Price: $136.00
50. Teaching by Biehler, Robert F., Snowman... ISBN: 9780395776858 List Price: $73.96
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