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Teaching and Learning with Technology (with MyEducationKit) (4th Edition) by Lever-Duffy, Judy, McDonald... ISBN: 9780137073986 List Price: $112.00
Teaching and Learning with Technology by Lever-Duffy, Judy, McDonald... ISBN: 9780205430482 List Price: $92.00
E-Learning Companion: A Student's Guide to Online Success by Watkins, Ryan, Corry, Michael ISBN: 9781439082454 List Price: $47.95
Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age by Hacker, Diana, Fister, Barbara ISBN: 9780312566722 List Price: $44.00
Elementary Teacher's Guide To The Best Internet Resources Content, Lesson Plans, Activities,... by Cruz, Barbara C., Duplass, ... ISBN: 9780132192705 List Price: $25.80
Definitive Guide to Criminal Justice and Criminology on the World Wide Web by Schmalleger, Frank M. ISBN: 9780130915900 List Price: $29.20
World History Matters: A Student Guide to World History Online by Schrum, Kelly, Rosenzweig, ... ISBN: 9780312485825
Writing New Media Theory and Applications for Expanding the Teaching of Composition by Wysocki, Anne Frances, John... ISBN: 9780874215755 List Price: $26.95
What Every Student Should Know about Researching Online by Munger, David, Campbell, Sh... ISBN: 9780321445315 List Price: $9.40
The Investigative Reporter's Handbook: A Guide to Documents, Databases, and Techniques by Houston, Brant, Bruzzese, L... ISBN: 9780312442651 List Price: $46.05
Internet Research Skills How to Do Your Literature Search and Find Research Information Online by O'Dochartaigh, Niall ISBN: 9781412911139 List Price: $36.95
Teaching and Learning with Technology -Learning Guide by Lever-Duffy, Judy ISBN: 9780205548903
Web Research Selecting, Evaluating, and Citing by Radford, Marie L., Barnes, ... ISBN: 9780205332496 List Price: $24.80
Information Literacy: Navigating & Evaluating Today's Media by Armstrong, Sara ISBN: 9781425805548 List Price: $29.99
Politics on the Internet A Student Guide by Buckler, Steve, Eynon, Rebe... ISBN: 9780415267717 List Price: $24.95
Internet Resources and Services for International Business A Global Guide by Liu, Lewis-Guodo ISBN: 9781573561198 List Price: $75.00
Internet Links for Science Education Student-Scientist Partnerships by Cohen, Karen C. ISBN: 9780306455582 List Price: $69.95
Database-Driven Web Sites by Antelman, Kristin ISBN: 9780789017390 List Price: $24.95
Internet Resources for Advertising by Shimp ISBN: 9780030259593 List Price: $36.50
Information Crisis by Losavio, Michael ISBN: 9781604137019 List Price: $39.95
1001 Best Websites for Parents by van Gorp, Lynn, Teacher Cre... ISBN: 9780743934626 List Price: $24.99
Research And Documentation in the Electronic Age by Hacker, Diana, Fister, Barbara ISBN: 9780312443399 List Price: $9.75
Internet Literacy by Hofstetter, Fred T. ISBN: 9780072260618 List Price: $66.25
Student's Guide to the Internet by Powell, Carol C. ISBN: 9780136491125 List Price: $20.80
Introduction to the Internet for Electronic Media Research and Application by Palombo, Philip, Kurland, D... ISBN: 9780534525781 List Price: $13.95
Web Wizard's Guide to Freeware and Shareware by Lehnert, Wendy G. ISBN: 9780201741711 List Price: $30.60
How to Build a Successful International Web Site by Bishop, Mark ISBN: 9781576101582 List Price: $24.99
Internet Research Skills How to Do Your Literature Search and Find Research Information Online by O'Dochartaigh, Niall ISBN: 9781412911122 List Price: $120.00
Politics on the Internet A Student Guide by Buckler, Steve, Dolowitz, D... ISBN: 9780415267700 List Price: $120.00
Powerweb by Pitzl, Gerald R. ISBN: 9780072429183 List Price: $16.55
Powerweb by Dathe, David ISBN: 9780072427158 List Price: $16.55
Internet for Cell and Molecular Biologists Current Applications and Future Potential by Cabibbo, Andrea, Citterich,... ISBN: 9781898486329 List Price: $138.00
Common Pool Resources & Collective Action A Bibliography by Hess, Charlotte ISBN: 9781889740003 List Price: $35.00
Internet Handbook, Educational Edition, 1997 by Carroll ISBN: 9780138514877 List Price: $41.00
Internet Investigations in Hospitality Travel Tourism by Leshin, Cynthia B. ISBN: 9780134959467 List Price: $21.00
Internet Education A Guide to Doing Research on the Internet by Harris, Cheryl ISBN: 9780534258511 List Price: $53.95
Internet Adventures,version 2.0 by Leshin, Cynthia B. ISBN: 9780205278831 List Price: $36.00
Cultural Treasures of the Internet-w/cd by Clark, Michael ISBN: 9780132645249 List Price: $29.95
New Theory of Information and the Internet : Public Sphere Meets Protocol CB by Balnaves, Mark ISBN: 9781433110634 List Price: $129.95
Lab Manual Networking Essentials by Course Technology Staff ISBN: 9780619015084 List Price: $15.00
Linux at Work: Building Strategic Applications for Business by Goncalves, Marcus ISBN: 9780471333494 List Price: $39.99
On-line Database Literature Arts & Medicine A Bibliography 1996 by Aull, Felice ISBN: 9780965159319 List Price: $35.00
American Soc.welfare Pol.-internet Supp by Karger ISBN: 9780801331053 List Price: $21.00
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