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Expert Systems Principles and Programming by Giarratano, Joseph C., Rile... ISBN: 9780534384470 List Price: $197.95
Developing Knowledge Based Systems Using VP-Expert by Dologite, Dorothy G., Mockl... ISBN: 9780023818868 List Price: $51.00
Dealing With Medical Knowledge Computers in Clinical Decision Making by Deutsch, Tibor, Carson, Ewa... ISBN: 9780306448492 List Price: $169.00
Introduction to Expert Systems by Jackson, Peter ISBN: 9780201876864 List Price: $42.19
Knowledge-Based Configuration : From Research to Business Cases by Felfernig, Alexander, Hotz,... ISBN: 9780124158177 List Price: $79.95
Expert Systems:design+development by Durkin, John ISBN: 9780023309700 List Price: $45.00
Introduction to Knowledge Engineering by Kendal, Simon, Creen, Malcolm ISBN: 9781846284755 List Price: $89.95
Internationalisation Of European Ict Activities by Meijers, Huub H. M. ISBN: 9783540771081 List Price: $149.00
Practical Guide to Knowledge Acquisition by Scott, A. Carlisle, Clayton... ISBN: 9780201145977 List Price: $54.99
Managing Uncertainty in Expert Systems by Grzymala-Busse, Jerzy W. ISBN: 9780792391692 List Price: $175.00
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers by Krishnamoorthy, C. S., Raje... ISBN: 9780849391255 List Price: $134.95
Expert System Applications - Leonard Bolc - Hardcover by Bolc, Leonard, Coombs, M. J. ISBN: 9780387187228 List Price: $107.00
Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence in Internal Auditing by O'Leary, Daniel E., Watkins... ISBN: 9781558760868 List Price: $89.95
Expert Systems in Developing Countries Practice and Promise by Mann, Charles K., Ruth, Ste... ISBN: 9780813383972 List Price: $49.00
Expert Systems for Environmental Applications by Hushon, Judith M. ISBN: 9780841218147 List Price: $24.95
Dynamic Worlds From the Frame Problems to Knowledge Management by Pareschi, Remo, Fronhöfer, ... ISBN: 9780792355359 List Price: $138.00
Cooperating Heterogeneous Systems by Schwartz, David G. ISBN: 9780792395355 List Price: $190.00
Building Expert Systems in Training and Education by Grabinger, R. Scott, Jonass... ISBN: 9780275934910 List Price: $85.00
Change of Representation and Inductive Bias by Benjamin, D. Paul ISBN: 9780792390558 List Price: $214.00
Artificial Intelligence Approach to Test Generation by Singh, Narinder ISBN: 9780898381856 List Price: $179.00
Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems 97 by Potter, D., Matthews, M., A... ISBN: 9789056996154 List Price: $289.95
Dynamics of Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems - Jay Liebowitz - Paperback by Liebowitz, Jay ISBN: 9780030263835 List Price: $55.00
Expert Systems Handbook: An Assessment of Technology and Applications by Fairmont Press Staff, Walke... ISBN: 9780132965422 List Price: $95.00
Introduction to Expert Systems - Peter Jackson - Paperback by Jackson, Peter ISBN: 9780201142235 List Price: $24.75
Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Expert Systems and Pattern Analysis by Chen, C. H. ISBN: 9789971504755 List Price: $74.00
Signs, Search and Communication Semiotic Aspects of Artificial Intelligence by Jorna, Rene J., Van Heusden... ISBN: 9783110136586 List Price: $157.95
Knowledge Acquisition for Expert Systems A Practical Handbook by Kidd, A. ISBN: 9780306424540 List Price: $106.00
Research and Development in Expert Systems XV by Miles, R., Moulton, M., Bra... ISBN: 9781852330866 List Price: $109.00
Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence in Decision Support Systems Proceedings of the Se... by Sol, Henk G., Takkenberg, C... ISBN: 9789027724373 List Price: $218.00
Introduction to Knowledge Systems by Stefik, Mark J. ISBN: 9781558601666 List Price: $78.95
Artificial Neural Networks in Biomedicine by Lisboa, P. J., Ifeachor, Em... ISBN: 9781852330057 List Price: $135.00
Expert Systems in Data Processing: Applications Using IBM's Knowledge Tool by Klein, David A., Milliken, ... ISBN: 9780201195408 List Price: $40.95
Computer Modelling and Expert Systems in Marketing by Moutinho, Luiz, Curry, Bruc... ISBN: 9780415089838 List Price: $81.95
Expert Systems in Banking - Dimitris N. Chorafas - Hardcover by Chorafas, Dimitris N., Stei... ISBN: 9780814714492 List Price: $99.00
Expert Systems Principles and Programming by Giarratano, Joseph C. ISBN: 9780534950538 List Price: $115.95
Expert Sys.f/bus.-w/2-3disks (bf1293) by Pigford, D. V. ISBN: 9780877091295 List Price: $45.95
Autonomous Learning from the Environment by Shen, Wei-Min ISBN: 9780716782650
Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Intelligent Systems by Negnevitsky, Michael ISBN: 9780201711592 List Price: $67.00
Business Expert Systems - Clyde W. Holsapple - Hardcover by Holsapple, Clyde W., Whinst... ISBN: 9780256055443 List Price: $39.95
Knowledge-Based Systems in Astronomy - Andre Heck - Hardcover by Heck, Andre, Murtagh, Fionn ISBN: 9780387510446 List Price: $45.95
Expert Systems and Robotics - Timothy Jordanides - Hardcover by Jordanides, T., Torby, Bruc... ISBN: 9780387537313 List Price: $189.00
Knowledge Systems for Business: Integrating Expert Systems and MIS by Gallagher, John P. ISBN: 9780135165515 List Price: $36.95
Intelligent Decison Systems by Holtzman, Samuel ISBN: 9780201116021 List Price: $40.95
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