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We have all kinds of diverse text books when it comes to art. As many art students at college will know, this is an amazing area that reveals much about our history as well as about the art itself. Buy cheap folk and outsider art textbooks today and secure the best deals you could want. Pre-owned books are available here such as Urban Crafts and Craftsmen in Medieval India: Thirteenth-Eighteenth Centuries; Religion Among the Folk in Egypt; Craft Apprentice From Franklin to the Machine Age in America; and Native American Art and the New York Avant-Garde: A History of Cultural Primitivism. With this many good deals and fascinating titles, you can get the cheapest pre-owned books from us every day. We buy back folk and outsider art as well, so don't hesitate to use our buyback system to sell back if you want to. We've always got a range of good deals.

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Work and Revolution in France The Language of Labor from the Old Regime to 1848 by Sewell, William H., Jr. ISBN: 9780521299510 List Price: $41.00
Perspectives on American Folk Art - Ian M. Quimby - Paperback - 1st ed by Quimby, Ian M., Swank, Scot... ISBN: 9780393950885
The Folk Art of Java - Joseph Fischer - Hardcover by Fischer, Joseph, Santosa, A... ISBN: 9789676530417 List Price: $65.00
Plain Painters: Making Sense of American Folk Art by Vlach, John M. ISBN: 9780874749267 List Price: $45.00
Folk Arts of Washington State: A Survey of Contemporary Folk Arts and Artists in the State o... by Lund, Jens, Simpson, Elizab... ISBN: 9780962353901 List Price: $14.95
Folk Art of Bali The Narrative Tradition by Fischer, Joseph, Cooper, Th... ISBN: 9789835600524 List Price: $65.00
Knitting Yarns : Writers on Knitting by Hood, Ann ISBN: 9780393349870 List Price: $15.95
Home Is Where the Dog Is Art in the Back Yard by Burgess, Karen E. ISBN: 9780878058792 List Price: $35.00
Pacific Basketmakers: A Living Tradition by Jones, Suzi ISBN: 9780824809164 List Price: $9.00
Ancient Mesopotamian Materials and Industries: The Archaeological Evidence by Moorey, P. R. ISBN: 9780198149217 List Price: $125.00
Folk Arts and Crafts of Bengal The Collected Papers by Dutt, Gurusaday ISBN: 9788170460459 List Price: $47.50
Native American Art and the New York Avant-Garde A History of Cultural Primitivism by Rushing, W. Jackson, Goetzm... ISBN: 9780292755475 List Price: $39.95
Religion Among the Folk in Egypt by El-Shamy, Hasan M. ISBN: 9780275979485
`What follows six is more than seven': Understanding African Art (Occasional Papers) by Abiodun, Rowland ISBN: 9780861591053 List Price: $18.00
Folk Art+art Worlds by Vlach, John M., Bronner, Si... ISBN: 9780874211573 List Price: $19.95
Home is Where the Dog is by Burgess, Karen E. ISBN: 9780878058808 List Price: $16.95
Artisans and Sans-Culottes Popular Movements in France and Britain During the French Revolution by Williams, Gywn Alfred ISBN: 9781870352802 List Price: $14.95
Artisans and Sans-Culottes by Williams, Gwyn A. ISBN: 9780393098327
Cutting a fine figure: The art of the jigsaw puzzle by Williams, Anne D., Leavitt,... ISBN: 9780962110788 List Price: $10.95
Pure Spring : Craft and Craftsmen of the U. S. S. R. by Milovskii, A. ISBN: 9780785558712
Ornament in European Folk Art by Peesch, R. ISBN: 9780785558729
Undying Tradition Folk Handicrafts in the Mid Volga Region by Collet's Holdings, Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780785558651
Folk Embroidery in Yugoslavia by Reljic, L., Radovanovic, D. ISBN: 9780785558798
Airdrie Weavers by Unknown ISBN: 9780903915236
Artisans Around the World Series by Unknown ISBN: 9780739835340 List Price: $162.72
The Undying Tradition. Folk Handicrafts in the Mid-Volga Region by Collet's Holdings, Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780569091282
Beyond Necessity: Art in the Folk Tradition by Ames, Kenneth L. ISBN: 9780393044997
Artists and Artisans by Franck, Irene M., Brownston... ISBN: 9780816014415 List Price: $17.95
Folk Art: Primitive and Naive Art in Canada by McKendry, Blake, Harper, Ru... ISBN: 9780871969033 List Price: $39.95
Bank Finance for Rural Artisans by Naidu, L. K. ISBN: 9788170241706
Colossus of Roads by Marling, Karal A. ISBN: 9780816613038 List Price: $14.95
New York City Artisan, 1789-1825: A Documentary History by Rock, Howard B. ISBN: 9780791400975 List Price: $26.95
Work+revolution in France by Sewell, William H., Jr. ISBN: 9780521234429 List Price: $64.95
Traditional Embroideries of India by Naik, Shailaja D. ISBN: 9788170247319 List Price: $28.00
Stories to Tell The Narrative Impulse in Contemporary New England Folk Art by Greenberg, Lisa W., Beck, J... ISBN: 9780945506010 List Price: $20.00
New York City Artisan, 1789-1925 by Rock, Howard B. ISBN: 9780791400968 List Price: $74.50
North Country Folk Art by Brears, Peter ISBN: 9780859762144 List Price: $49.95
Glimpses of the Rural Carolinas by Amberg, Robert, Edgerton, C... ISBN: 9780915427116 List Price: $10.00
Fine Art of Folk Art by Ellis, Anita J., Gardner, G... ISBN: 9780931537127 List Price: $8.95
Early Colombian Labor Movement Artisans and Politics in Bogota, 1832-1919 by Sowell, David ISBN: 9780877229650 List Price: $71.50
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