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Principles and Tools for Supply Chain Management by Webster, Scott ISBN: 9780072872682 List Price: $124.56
Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management by Jacobs, F. Robert, Berry, W... ISBN: 9780071750318 List Price: $87.00
Managing Projects: A Team-based Approach by Brown, Karen, Hyer, Nancy Lea ISBN: 9780072959666 List Price: $145.00
Orlickys Materials Requirements Planning 3/E by Ptak, Carol, Smith, Chad ISBN: 9780071755634 List Price: $87.00
Manager's Guide to Operations Management (Briefcase Books) by Kamauff, John ISBN: 9780071627993 List Price: $16.95
Operations Management An Integrated Approach by Reid, R. Dan, Sanders, Nada R. ISBN: 9780471794486 List Price: $173.95
Operations and Supply Management by Jacobs, F. Robert, Chase, R... ISBN: 9780073403298 List Price: $196.75
Product Management by Lehmann, Donald R., Winer, ... ISBN: 9780072865981
Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts and Cases by Schroeder, Jeanne Lorraine ISBN: 9780071263863 List Price: $65.14
Earned Value Project Management - Fourth Edition by Fleming, Quentin, Koffleman... ISBN: 9781935589082 List Price: $49.95
Product Planning Essentials by Kahn, Kenneth B. ISBN: 9780765626080 List Price: $49.95
The Product Manager's Handbook 4/E by Gorchels ISBN: 9780071772983 List Price: $65.00
Implementing Six Sigma Smarter Solutions Using Statistical Methods by Breyfogle, Forrest W., III,... ISBN: 9780471265726 List Price: $100.00
Essential Guide to Operations Management: Concepts and Case Notes (Wiley) by Bamford, David, Forrester, ... ISBN: 9780470749494 List Price: $39.95
Operations Management by Greasley, Andrew, Greasley ISBN: 9780470997611 List Price: $87.95
Experience Economy by Pine II, B. Joseph, Gilmore... ISBN: 9781422161975 List Price: $28.00
E-Supply Chain Using the Internet to Revolutionize Your Business by Poirier, Charles C., Bauer,... ISBN: 9781576751176 List Price: $39.95
Principles Of Operations Management by Heizer, Jay H., Render, Barry ISBN: 9780131865129
Accidental Branding - How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands by Vinjamuri, David ISBN: 9780470165065 List Price: $24.95
Brand New How Entrepreneurs Earned Consumers' Trust from Wedgwood to Dell by Koehn, Nancy F. ISBN: 9781578512218 List Price: $39.95
Operations Management by Heizer, Jay H., Render, Barry ISBN: 9780132370608
Student DVD - OM Library for Operations Management by Jay Heizer ISBN: 9780132412896
Outlines & Highlights for Operations Management: An Integrated Approach by Reid, ISBN: 97804... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428864443 List Price: $11.95
Operations Management Contemporary Concepts and Cases by Schroeder, Roger G. ISBN: 9780072498912 List Price: $70.63
Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop, Second Edition by Conner, Gary ISBN: 9780872638587 List Price: $45.00
Customer-Centered Products Creating Successful Products Through Smart Requirements Management by Hooks, Ivy F., Farry, Krist... ISBN: 9780814405680 List Price: $35.00
How To Implement Lean Manufacturing by Wilson, Lonnie ISBN: 9780071625074 List Price: $49.95
Erp Making It Happen The Implementers' Guide to Success With Enterprise Resource Planning by Wallace, Thomas F., Kremzar... ISBN: 9780471392019 List Price: $110.00
Essential Operations Management by Hill, Alex, Hill, Terry ISBN: 9780230232594 List Price: $70.00
Brand Warfare: 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand by David D'Alessandro ISBN: 9780071398503 List Price: $16.95
Brand Leadership Building Assets in the Information Society by Aaker, David A., Joachimsth... ISBN: 9780684839240 List Price: $30.00
Focused Operations Management by Ronen, Boaz, Pass, Shimeon ISBN: 9780470145104 List Price: $100.00
Think Two Products Ahead Secrets the Big Advertising Agencies Don't Want You to Know And How... by Mack, Ben, Joyner, Mark, La... ISBN: 9780470055762 List Price: $21.95
Systems for Planning and Control in Manufacturing Systems and Management for Competitive Man... by Harrison, D. K., Petty, D. J. ISBN: 9780750649773 List Price: $48.95
Basics of Process Mapping by Damelio, Robert ISBN: 9780527763169 List Price: $12.95
Achieve Brand Integrity by Lederman, Gregg ISBN: 9780979587504 List Price: $29.95
Production and Operations Management: An Applied Modern Approach by Joseph S. Martinich ISBN: 9780471546320
The Design of Things to Come: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Products by Vogel, Craig M., Cagan, Jon... ISBN: 9780132776202 List Price: $37.99
Supply Chain Configuration Concepts, Solutions, And Applications by Chandra, Charu, Grabis, Janis ISBN: 9780387251905 List Price: $169.00
Planning and Control of Manufacturing Operations by Kenworthy, John ISBN: 9780471253396 List Price: $140.00
Managing the Development of New Products Achieving Speed and Quality Simultaneously Through ... by Rosenau, Milton D., Moran, ... ISBN: 9780471291831 List Price: $115.00
Operations Management for Mbas by Meredith, Jack R., Shafer, ... ISBN: 9780471298281 List Price: $44.95
Production Workflow Concepts and Techniques by Leymann, Frank, Roller, Dieter ISBN: 9780130217530 List Price: $79.99
Production and Operations Management: A Life Cycle Approach by Chase, Richard B., Aquilano... ISBN: 9780256019193
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