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When you want to buy cheap antiques and collectibles textbooks you need to know where to go to have a good choice. We can provide you with that choice. Look for affordable deals on pre-owned text books today and you can be certain of finding them. We have divided this section of thousands of books into sub-sections so you can easily locate the books you need. Look for titles on such topics as buttons and pins, clocks and watches, Americana and coins, currency and medals among others. You can easily locate some in depth titles to help further your knowledge in this area. Buy used antiques and collectibles textbooks from our range and discover the items you need to look for - not to mention what they might be worth. With our help it becomes easier than ever to rent cheap antiques and collectibles textbooks too, so don't hesitate to give it a try.

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Vintage Luggage by Gulshan, Helenka ISBN: 9780856674983 List Price: $45.00
Antique Trunks Identification & Price Guide by Morse, Pat, Edelstein, Linda ISBN: 9780873496469 List Price: $24.99
Used and Rare Travels in the Book World by Goldstone, Lawrence, Goldst... ISBN: 9780312187682 List Price: $13.95
Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide by Petretti, Allan ISBN: 9780896896918 List Price: $49.99
Greenberg's Guide to Gilbert Erector Sets: 1933-1962, Vol. 2 by Bean, William M. ISBN: 9780897784184 List Price: $59.95
Jedi Path : A Manual for Students of the Force by Wallace, Daniel, Ballard, P... ISBN: 9781603800969 List Price: $99.99
Crown Jewels The History of the Coronation Regalia in the Jewel House of the Tower of London by Blair, Claude, Bury, Shirle... ISBN: 9780117013599 List Price: $2,190.00
Standard Catalog Of Comic Books by Miller, John Jackson ISBN: 9780873498296 List Price: $34.99
Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide by Overstreet, Robert M. ISBN: 9780380782109 List Price: $17.00
Illustrated Longitude by Sobel, Dava, Andrewes, Will... ISBN: 9780802775931 List Price: $28.00
Century of Posters by Purvis, Alston W., Le Coult... ISBN: 9780853318637 List Price: $50.00
Secrets of Vacheron Constantin 250 Years of Continuous History Catalogue of Watches Since 1755 by Cologni, Franco, Flechon, D... ISBN: 9782080305022 List Price: $150.00
Big Book of Wooden Clocks: 29 Favorite Projects & Patterns by Scroll Saw Woodworking and ... ISBN: 9781565234277
Care of Antiques and Historical Collections by MacLeish, A. Bruce ISBN: 9780761991359 List Price: $33.95
Cappiello The Posters Of Leonetto Cappiello by Rennert, Julie ISBN: 9780966420272 List Price: $80.00
Art Crowd by Burnham, Sophy ISBN: 9780679503323 List Price: $9.95
Judging Exhibitions A Framework for Assessing Excellence by Serrell, Beverly ISBN: 9781598740325 List Price: $27.95
Big Book of Salt and Pepper Shaker Series by Thornburg, Irene ISBN: 9780764308680 List Price: $29.95
James Bond and Indiana Jones, Vol. 3 by Fleurier, Nicolas ISBN: 9782352500063
Automata The Golden Age 1848-1914 by Bailly, Christian ISBN: 9780709074038 List Price: $200.00
High Art Down Home An Economic Ethnography of a Local Art Market by Plattner, Stuart ISBN: 9780226670843 List Price: $21.00
Block Play The Complete Guide to Learning and Playing With Blocks by McDonald, Sharon, Davis, Ka... ISBN: 9780876592533 List Price: $19.95
Sea Glass Chronicles Whispers from the Past by Lambert, Carole S., Hanbery... ISBN: 9780892725083 List Price: $30.00
Mcdonald's Drinkware Identification & Value Guide by Kelly, Michael J. ISBN: 9781574324471 List Price: $24.95
The Official Red Book by Yeoman, R. S., Bressett, Ke... ISBN: 9780794824914 List Price: $16.95
The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 40 by Overstreet, Robert M. ISBN: 9781603601207 List Price: $29.95
A Century of Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs by Mullins, Stephen M., Fasten... ISBN: 9780764329739 List Price: $125.00
Rolex Report An Unauthorized Reference Book for the Rolex Enthusiast by Brozek, John E., Hess, Jeff... ISBN: 9780972313308 List Price: $39.99
Warman's Fiesta Ware Identification and Price Guide by Moran, Mark, Thornton, Dennis ISBN: 9780873497510 List Price: $24.99
100 Superlative Rolex Watches by Goldberger, John ISBN: 9788862080316
Antique Coffee Grinders American, English, And European by White, Michael, Sivonda, Ju... ISBN: 9780764313523 List Price: $69.95
Antiques Roadshow Primer The Introductory Guide to Antiques and Collectibles from the Most-W... by Prisant, Carol, Jussel, Chris ISBN: 9780761116240 List Price: $19.95
Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #38 by Overstreet, Robert M. ISBN: 9780375722394
Standard Catalog Of World Coins 1801-1900 by Krause, Chester L., Mishler... ISBN: 9780873497985 List Price: $60.00
The Complete and Unauthorized Guide to Vintage Barbie Dolls With Barbie and Skipper Fashions... by James, Hillary Shilkitus ISBN: 9780764338137 List Price: $24.99
Sander's Price Guide to Sports Autographs The World's Leading Autograph Pricing Authority by Sanders, George, Sanders, H... ISBN: 9781570900785 List Price: $24.95
Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms by Sapp, Rick ISBN: 9780896895348 List Price: $29.99
Black Powder Long Arms & Pistols Reproduction & Replicas by Adler, Dennis ISBN: 9781886768963 List Price: $11.86
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