ValoreBooks is a dedicated online textbook marketplace, centered around buying, selling, and renting used textbooks at the best prices. This allows us to focus on doing one thing and doing it well. With instant quotes, easy sellback, free shipping, and accessible support, ValoreBooks takes the questions out of reselling your used textbooks, and allows you to get the best price for your books.

By entering your book???s ISBN, you can instantly get a sellback price and set up your sale within minutes.

To ensure a high level of quality, ValoreBooks will only accept used books that are in good condition and largely undamaged. Think of it as pass/fail, simplifying the process so you don???t have to calculate a price based on the details of your book???s condition. Take a look at your textbook to see if it meets the following requirements:

Undamaged cover, binding, and pages: severe damage to the outer cover of the book will make it unacceptable.

Click the "Sell Textbooks" link on the front page of ValoreBooks, and you can immediately enter the ISBN found on the back of each of your textbooks. The ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is a 10- or 13-digit number that???s uniquely assigned to printings of a book. This number is located above the barcode on the back of a book, after the word ???ISBN???. If there are any stickers on it, remove them to read the ISBN printed directly on the book cover.

Once you???ve entered your book???s ISBN, ValoreBooks will instantly give you a sellback price. Under the price quote, we may specify that a book must be a certain edition, such as the US edition only.

These price quotes are determined based on the demand from bookstores, wholesalers, and other outlets buying textbooks in the ValoreBooks marketplace, so you'll always get the best price for your most popular books. With ValoreBooks, there???s no need to wait for buyers to bid on your items, or haggle with potential customers over email. We calculate the demand, and pass along the savings to you.

If you???d like to see some of the most popular college textbooks currently in demand, as well as the selling price you can get for them, just look at our top college textbooks ( and top textbook rentals. (

Once you???ve located all the textbooks you???d like to sell and added them to your cart, you???re ready to check out. ValoreBooks will automatically find a buyer in our marketplace for you - so you can close your sale immediately. You can select payment via a mailed check, or PayPal for instant online payment once your books have been accepted.

With ValoreBooks, there is no need to choose a shipment method or to calculate a price for mailing your books. Simply print your free shipping label and packing slip.

If you???re selling more than one book, you should make sure the package weighs less than 70 lbs altogether. Always use the prepaid shipping label provided by ValoreBooks, and include our packing slip with your book. This is essential for proper tracking and processing of your items, as well as prompt payment to you.

The textbook price quotes offered by ValoreBooks are valid for 30 days, so your books must be received within a month of the shipping date.

Books are nearly always received within 2 to 14 days. Once we receive your textbooks, it may take up to 7 days for us to evaluate the books in order to ensure quality. As soon as your books are approved, you can expect to receive your payment within 14 business days.

If you have any questions about selling your textbooks through ValoreBooks, you can instantly find information on your current sellback orders. Just go to our customer service center and enter your order ID, as well as your email address or last name. You???ll be able to see the status of your sellbacks, ask questions about your orders, and more.

Checks will be mailed to you within 7 to 14 business days.

PayPal payments are issued in 2-7 business days.

When packing your items, make sure they???re wrapped securely in cushioned and waterproof packaging. This will help prevent your books from being damaged during mailing. Recycled newspaper or extra cardboard padding can be a good way to keep your books safe in transit.

After selecting a payment method, enter your name, address, and other contact and account information. Click ???Continue???, and you???ll be given shipping instructions for your books. Note that you can only sell up to 5 copies of the same textbook at a time.

Best of all, there???s no need to carefully take item photos to ensure a sale ??? we already have a record of what the textbook looks like.

Additionally, books must have an ISBN matching the one provided to ValoreBooks, and must not be stolen, counterfeit, or have switched ISBNs.

All pages present and whole: torn or missing pages make a book unacceptable for sale.

No excessive highlighting or notes.

If required, all discs originally included must be present.

No water damage.

Rather than relying on negotiation or auctions, ValoreBooks will always give you a set price for your book.

ValoreBooks provides you with a free shipping label for your books.

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