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Foil, Saber, and Epee Fencing Skills, Safety, Operations, and Responsibilities by Garret, Maxwell R., Kaidano... ISBN: 9780271010199 List Price: $35.95
Encyclopedia of the Sword by Evangelista, Nick, Gaugler,... ISBN: 9780313278969 List Price: $151.95
Foil Fencing by Bower, Muriel ISBN: 9780697126016 List Price: $9.60
Foil Fencing by Taitt, Muriel ISBN: 9780697258748
Foil Fencing - Muriel Bower - Hardcover - 5th ed by Bower, Muriel ISBN: 9780697003690
Epee Fencing by Vass, I. ISBN: 9789631337037 List Price: $12.50
Complete Light Weapons Fighter by Rush, Bob, Flaming, Doug, W... ISBN: 9780963793614 List Price: $20.00
Konigsegger Codex : Die Fechthandschrift des Hauses Konigsegg by Kö, nigsegg-Aulendorf, ... ISBN: 9783805337533
Fencing Everyone by Gaugler, William M. ISBN: 9780887250675 List Price: $14.95
School of Fencing by Angelo, Domenico ISBN: 9780882547183 List Price: $200.00
Foil Fencing - Muriel Bower - Paperback - 6th ed by Bower, Muriel ISBN: 9780697103918
Fencing by Stratton, Max M., Simpson, ... ISBN: 9780896411517 List Price: $10.95
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