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Social science is a large area to study, but this is where you can rent cheap sociology of religion textbooks if this is your particular area of study in college. Students across America have discovered how easy it can be to rent used sociology of religion textbooks in order to make it simpler to save money while getting all the books they need for their college courses. We have titles including Understanding Religion in a Global Society, Gods in the Global Village and Religion in Sociological Perspective, to name just three. You will find many other cheap sociology of religion text books on sale here, and you can choose whether to rent or buy. Remember, you can sell your sociology of religion books to us too if you wish, to clear some space on those shelves. Our marketplace has massive savings on many titles, so don't hesitate to enjoy them.

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Eyes Wide Open Looking for God in Popular Culture by Romanowski, William D. ISBN: 9781587432019 List Price: $21.99
Religion Matters: What Sociology Teaches Us About Religion In Our World by Emerson, Michael O., Monaha... ISBN: 9780205628001 List Price: $63.00
Sociology of Religion by Lundskow, George ISBN: 9781412937214 List Price: $63.95
Religion And Culture An Anthropological Focus by Scupin, Raymond ISBN: 9780131850507 List Price: $93.60
Religion and American Culture by Marsden, George M. ISBN: 9780155055322 List Price: $60.95
Faces in the Clouds A New Theory of Religion by Guthrie, Stewart E. ISBN: 9780195098914 List Price: $60.00
Disruptive Religion The Force of Faith in Social-Movement Activism by Smith, Christian ISBN: 9780415914055 List Price: $39.95
Anthropology of Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft by Stein, Rebecca, Stein, Phil... ISBN: 9780205516230 List Price: $62.60
Sanctorum Communio: A Theological Study of the Sociology of the Church, Vol. 1 by Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, Kraus... ISBN: 9780800696528 List Price: $20.00
Bible in Western Culture The Student's Guide by Dyas, Dee, Hughes, Esther, ... ISBN: 9780415326186 List Price: $21.95
Religion in Sociological Perspective by Wilson, Bryan R. ISBN: 9780198266648 List Price: $46.95
Camphor Flame Popular Hinduism and Society in India by Fuller, C. J. ISBN: 9780691020846 List Price: $24.95
Many Colored Kingdom Multicultural Dynamics for Spiritual Formation by Conde-Frazier, Elizabeth, K... ISBN: 9780801027437 List Price: $24.00
Prey into Hunter The Politics of Religious Experience by Bloch, Maurice, Harris, Alfred ISBN: 9780521423120 List Price: $35.99
Entertainment Theology by Taylor, Barry ISBN: 9780801032370
Social Theory and Religion by Beckford, James A. ISBN: 9780521774314 List Price: $35.00
Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science by Park, Robert L. ISBN: 9780691133553 List Price: $24.95
Renewing the Earth An Invitation to Reflection & Action on the Environment in Light of Catho... by U. S. Catholic Conference S... ISBN: 9781555864682 List Price: $1.95
What Men Owe to Women Men's Voices from World Religions by Raines, John C., Maguire, D... ISBN: 9780791447864 List Price: $31.95
Beyond Idols The Shape of a Secular Society by Fenn, Richard K. ISBN: 9780195143690 List Price: $75.00
Sociology of Religion A Reader by Monahan, Susanne C., Mirola... ISBN: 9780130253804 List Price: $70.20
Social History of Ancient Israel by Kessler, Rainer, Maloney, L... ISBN: 9780800662820 List Price: $32.00
Hope in Troubled Times A New Vision for Confronting Global Crises by Goudzwaard, Bob, Vander Ven... ISBN: 9780801032486 List Price: $19.99
Contextualization A Theology of Gospel and Culture by Nicholls, Bruce J. ISBN: 9781573830522 List Price: $5.95
Sociology+religion by Greeley, Andrew M. ISBN: 9780065018813 List Price: $47.00
Innocent Ecstasy How Christianity Gave America an Ethic of Sexual Pleasure by Gardella, Peter ISBN: 9780195036121 List Price: $85.00
Japanese Religion and Society Paradigms of Structure and Change by Davis, Winston ISBN: 9780791408407 List Price: $31.95
Religion in Sociological Perspective by Roberts, Keith A. ISBN: 9780534579517 List Price: $109.95
Sociology of Religion : A Critical Agenda by Davie, Grace ISBN: 9781849205870
Camphor Flame Popular Hinduism And Society In India by Fuller, C. J. ISBN: 9780691120485 List Price: $35.00
Religion in Society A Sociology of Religion by Johnstone, Ronald L. ISBN: 9780131113923 List Price: $74.60
Religion and the Individual: A Social-Psychological Perspective by Batson, C. Daniel, Schoenra... ISBN: 9780195062090 List Price: $49.95
Biblical Ethics and Social Change by Mott, Stephen C. ISBN: 9780195029482 List Price: $44.95
New Religious Movement and Rapid Social Change by Beckford, James A. ISBN: 9789231024023 List Price: $18.00
Many Faces of Religion and Society by Bryant, M. Darrol, Mataragn... ISBN: 9780913757215 List Price: $12.95
Religion and Cultural Studies by Mizruchi, Susan L. ISBN: 9780691005034 List Price: $24.95
Understanding World Religions : A Road Map for Justice and Peace by Smith, David Whitten, Burr,... ISBN: 9781442226432 List Price: $42.00
Sociology a Christian Approach for Changing the World by Tweedell, Cynthia Benn ISBN: 9781931283021 List Price: $45.00
Church of Mercy by Francis I ISBN: 9780829441703 List Price: $16.95
Religion and American Culture by Marsden, George M. ISBN: 9780155765832 List Price: $34.00
Religion and Culture An Introduction to Anthropology of Religion by De Waal Malefijt, Annemarie ISBN: 9780881334838 List Price: $31.95
Mobile Bodies, Mobile Souls : Family, Religion, and Migration in a Global World by Olwig, Karen Fog, Rytter, M... ISBN: 9788779344280
Sanctorum Communio A Theological Study of the Sociology of the Church by Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, Green... ISBN: 9780800683016 List Price: $35.00
Religion in Sociological Persp.>custom< by Roberts, Keith A. ISBN: 9780534204662 List Price: $56.50
Homo Necans: The Anthropology of Ancient Greek Sacrificial Ritual and Myth by Burkert, Walter, Bing, Peter ISBN: 9780520036505 List Price: $37.50
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