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Science students across the US will be pleased to know they can buy essays textbooks online from our website now. Our marketplace is set up to provide an easy way to buy or rent cheap essays textbooks such as the ones below. Look for Nine Crazy Ideas in Science: A Few Might Even Be True, and Eight Preposterous Propositions from the Genetics of Homosexuality to the Benefits of Global Warming. Elsewhere we have copies of What Science is and How it Works, and America's Scientific Treasures: A Travel Companion. Whatever text book you are searching for there is a good chance we will have it for you. Valore Books is experienced in providing the cheapest discounted books you could want for your college course. You can sell your essays books back to us as well if you would like - it is a great way to get some great money back deals.

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What Science Is and How It Works by Derry, Gregory Neil ISBN: 9780691095509 List Price: $27.95
Nine Crazy Ideas in Science A Few Might Even Be True by Ehrlich, Robert ISBN: 9780691094953 List Price: $19.95
Art of Doing Science and Engineering Learning to Learn by Hamming, Richard W. ISBN: 9789056995010 List Price: $39.95
Experiencing Elementary Science by Neuman, Donald B. ISBN: 9780534188221 List Price: $100.95
Nature of Science by Warren, D. ISBN: 9780854043767 List Price: $32.95
Prometeos Modernos by Benito, Julio Martinell ISBN: 9789681642129 List Price: $6.99
Sciences an Integrated Approach by Trefil, James, Hazen, Rober... ISBN: 9780471449188 List Price: $53.95
America's Scientific Treasures A Travel Companion by Cohen, Paul S., Cohen, Bren... ISBN: 9780841234444 List Price: $45.00
Bullfrog in the Desert : Thoughts about New Age and Science by Wiltse, Vern, Brockman, Ele... ISBN: 9781930421080 List Price: $4.00
Cosmic Rays Essays in Science and Technology from the Royal Institution by Catlow, Richard, Greenfield... ISBN: 9780198515579 List Price: $40.00
Squirrel on a Fence Post : Thoughts about Newage and Science by Wiltse, Vern, Brockman, Ele... ISBN: 9781930421028 List Price: $4.00
Reality Bubble by Tong, Ziya ISBN: 9780735235564
Great Victorian Discoveries by Rochford, Caroline ISBN: 9781445645421
Explained Series by Scientific American Staff ISBN: 9780805058192
Scientific American Focus Series by Scientific American Staff ISBN: 9780805058208
Bullfrog in Euless, Texas : Thoughts about New Age and Science by Wiltse, Vern, Brockman, Ele... ISBN: 9781930421097 List Price: $4.00
Blue Jay in an Oak Tree : Thoughts about New Age and Science by Wiltse, Vern, Brockman, Ele... ISBN: 9781930421059 List Price: $4.00
Cricket on a Washboard : Thoughts about New Age and Science by Wiltse, Vern, Brockman, Ele... ISBN: 9781930421042 List Price: $4.00
Explorations Book 1 by Williams, Jane ISBN: 9780321406231
Explorations by Williams, Virgina, Blake, C... ISBN: 9780321406255
Is That a Fact? : Frauds, Quacks, and the Real Science of Everyday Life by Schwarcz, Joe ISBN: 9781459693203 List Price: $29.99
Thing Explainer : Complicated Stuff in Simple Words by Munroe, Randall ISBN: 9781635613100 List Price: $24.99
Best Australian Science Writing 2022 by Shih, Ivy, Swan, Norman ISBN: 9781742237640
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