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Students of religious topics at college regularly come to us to buy cheap Shintoism textbooks to further their knowledge. We stock text books on all kinds of religions but this is the place to buy or rent Shintoism textbooks online. Make sure you get access to books including Buddhas and Kami in Japan: Honji Suijaka as a Combinatory Paradigm; Shinto and the State, 1868-1988; Shinto: A Short Story; and Nature and Rite in Shinto. We specialize in titles at discounted prices due to their pre-owned form, so you can be sure of finding older text books among our collection as well as newer ones. Make sure you look through the opportunities we have for you to buy the cheapest text books you can and save money in the process. With discounts going as high as 99% it is easy to see why other American college students rely on Valore Books for their college books.

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Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine by Nelson, John K. ISBN: 9780295975009 List Price: $19.95
Sacred Texts of World's Religions by Fisher ISBN: 9780130495228 List Price: $21.20
Buddhas and Kami in Japan Honji Suijaku As a Combinatory Paradigm by Teeuwen, Mark, Rambelli, Fabio ISBN: 9780415297479 List Price: $150.00
Norito A Translation of the Ancient Japanese Ritual Prayers by Philippi, Donald L., Kitaga... ISBN: 9780691014890 List Price: $22.95
Sikhism by Williams, George ISBN: 9780791080979 List Price: $35.00
Shinto in Historical: Ways of the Kami by Breen, John, Teeuwen, Mark ISBN: 9780700711727
A Historical Study of the Religious Development of Shinto, Vol. 10 - Shoyu Hanayama - Hardcover by Kato, Genichi, Hanayama, Shoyu ISBN: 9780313265518 List Price: $39.95
Shinto by Hartz, Paula R. ISBN: 9780816057252 List Price: $35.00
Shinto in Historical by Breen, John, Teeuwen, Mark ISBN: 9780700711703
Popular Dictionary of Shinto by Bocking, Brian ISBN: 9780700704460
Shinto A Short History by Teeuwen, Mark, Teeuwen, Mar... ISBN: 9780415311793 List Price: $200.00
Climate and Culture: A Philosophical Study, Vol. 3 - Tetsuro Watsuji - Hardcover by Watsuji, Tetsuro, Bownas, G... ISBN: 9780313265587 List Price: $50.00
Gods Come Dancing A Study of the Ritual Dance of Tamabushi Kagura by Averbuch, Irit ISBN: 9781885445797 List Price: $19.00
Studies in Shinto Thought: (Documentary Reference Collections) by Muraoka, Tsunetsugu, Brown,... ISBN: 9780313265556 List Price: $65.95
Ways of Thinking of Eastern Peoples by Nakamura, Hajime ISBN: 9780313265563 List Price: $75.00
Japanese Spirituality, Vol. 9 by Suzuki, D. T., Waddell, Norman ISBN: 9780313265549 List Price: $45.00
Norito by Philippi, Donald L. ISBN: 9780691068596 List Price: $25.00
Nature and Rite in Shinto by Sullivan, Lawrence Eugene ISBN: 9780791066317 List Price: $21.95
Gods Come Dancing A Study of the Ritual Dance of Tamabushi Kagura by Averbuch, Irit ISBN: 9781885445674 List Price: $31.00
Studies in Shinto and Shrines by Ponsonby-Fane, R. A. B. ISBN: 9781138983229
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