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God? A Debate Between a Christian and an Atheist by Craig, William Lane, Sinnot... ISBN: 9780195166002 List Price: $19.95
Theism, Atheism, and Big Bang Cosmology by Craig, William L., Smith, Q... ISBN: 9780198263838 List Price: $65.00
Drama of Atheist Humanism by de Lubac, Henri, Sebanc, Mark ISBN: 9780898704433 List Price: $24.95
Atheism from the Reformation to the Enlightenment by Hunter, Michael, Wootton, D... ISBN: 9780198227366 List Price: $140.00
Religion Without God by Billington, Ray ISBN: 9780415217866 List Price: $31.95
How to be an Intellectually Fulfilled Atheist (Or Not) by Dembski, William A., Wells,... ISBN: 9781933859842
How to make an Athiest backslide by Comfort, Ray ISBN: 9781878859013 List Price: $6.00
The Future of Atheism: Alister McGrath and Daniel Dennett in Dialogue by Stewart, Robert B. ISBN: 9780800663148 List Price: $19.00
Secularity and Non-Religion by Arweck, Elisabeth ISBN: 9780415710442
Face of God : The Gifford Lectures by Scruton, Roger ISBN: 9781472912732
Atheism:philosophical Justification by Martin, Michael ISBN: 9780877226420 List Price: $44.95
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