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Reference books are great for all manner of different topics at college. This applies just as much to photography as to anything else. If you want to buy used reference textbooks on this topic you can do so here, thanks to our discounted range of affordable tomes. Among them you'll find Longman Photo Dictionary; Basics Creative Photography 03; American Photographers: An Illustrated Who's Who Among Leading Contemporary Americans; and 2001 Gold Book of Photography Prices. This area covers plenty of different titles and we buy back reference books regularly as well, so you're always assured a nice mix of titles. When you have a career in photography in your sights, you'll need a good selection of superb titles to help you. Find everything you need when you buy or rent used reference textbooks here. With Valore Books on your side it becomes easier to save money and get everything you want.

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Basics Creative Photography 03? by Natasha, Caruana, Anna ISBN: 9782940411665
Longman Photo Dictionary by Rosenthal, Marilyn S., Free... ISBN: 9780801302442 List Price: $21.32
International Photography Index, 1981 by Johnson, William S., Cohen,... ISBN: 9780816186402 List Price: $105.00
Longman Photo Dictionary by Longman Publishing Staff ISBN: 9780582451032 List Price: $18.00
Digital Image Creation: Insights into the New Photography - Hisaka Kojima - Paperback by Igarshi, Takenobu, Kojima, ... ISBN: 9780201886603 List Price: $49.95
2001 Gold Book of Photography Prices by Perrett, Thomas I. ISBN: 9780915827237 List Price: $69.95
2006 Gold Book of Phhotography Prices by Perrett, Thomas I. ISBN: 9780915827299 List Price: $89.95
Study Guide for Photo/Imaging by Mosley, Kim ISBN: 9780881960105 List Price: $6.00
Argument of the Eye : A Select Bibliography of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement, 1848-1914 by Green, Rachael ISBN: 9780893417611 List Price: $35.00
Scientific Photographer by Lawrence, A. S. C. ISBN: 9781107698581 List Price: $28.99
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