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From Corporate Media Production to Story Sense: Writing Story and Script for Feature Films and Television, the text books you'll find in this section are useful and discounted too. Buy cheap screenwriting textbooks today and expand your knowledge on these subjects now. Performing arts can be split into many areas, and television requires a special knowledge all its own. Buy used screenwriting textbooks and be sure of getting affordable deals on them from Valore Books today. We offer rental prices alongside purchase prices, giving you the best deals every time. You can also sell your screenwriting books back if you wish, making light work of clearing your book shelves in readiness for new books in the future. In other words, whichever text books you need for your performing arts studies at college, let us take the hard work out of searching for them. You might even find some affordable gems among the mix!

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Corporate Media Production by DiZazzo, Raymond ISBN: 9780240805146 List Price: $58.95
Screenwriting for Film and Television by Miller, William ISBN: 9780205272990 List Price: $73.80
Idea to Script Storytelling for Today's Media by Hyde, Stuart W. ISBN: 9780205344048 List Price: $86.80
Elements of Screenwriting A Guide for Film and Television Writers by Blacker, Irwin R. ISBN: 9780028614502 List Price: $13.27
Understructure of Writing for Film and Television by Brady, Ben, Lee, Lance ISBN: 9780292785151 List Price: $24.95
Writing for Television, Radio, and New Media With Infotrac by Hilliard, Robert L. ISBN: 9780534564179 List Price: $118.95
Writing for Television and Radio by Hilliard, Robert L. ISBN: 9780534507503 List Price: $55.95
Writing the Screenplay:tv+film by Armer, Alan A. ISBN: 9780534166687 List Price: $28.95
Getting the Message Across Writing for the Mass Media by Braden, Maria, Roth, Richar... ISBN: 9780205546725 List Price: $75.96
Writing for Electronic Media by Mayeux, Peter ISBN: 9780697143990 List Price: $36.25
Scriptwriting for High-impact Videos by Morley, John ISBN: 9780534150662 List Price: $37.00
Television Writing by Blum, Richard ISBN: 9780240517377 List Price: $24.95
15. Stand.script Formats:pt.2 by Haag, Judith H., King, Viki ISBN: 9780929583013 List Price: $20.95
Broadcast Writing by Kauffman, Terry ISBN: 9780205151639 List Price: $34.00
Understanding Television : Guidelines for Visual Literacy by Du Plooy, Gertruida M. ISBN: 9780702122552
Television and Screen Writing : From Concept to Contract by Blum, Richard A. ISBN: 9781138138834 List Price: $165.00
Writing Scripts for Television, Radio and Film - Edgar E. Willis - Paperback by Willis, Edgar E., D'Arienzo... ISBN: 9780030527067
Writing for the Mass Media by Stovall, James Glen ISBN: 9780139720352 List Price: $29.33
Getting the Message Across Writing for the Mass Media by Braden, Maria, Roth, Richar... ISBN: 9780395838471 List Price: $11.96
Understructure of Writing in Film+tv by Brady, Ben, Lee, Lance ISBN: 9780292785144 List Price: $32.50
Writing for Television and Radio by Hilliard, Robert L. ISBN: 9780534027827
New Scriptwriter's Journal by Johnson, Mary ISBN: 9781138165052 List Price: $165.00
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