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When you explore our collection of affordable college textbooks, you'll see you can buy cheap reference textbooks that relate to the area of TV. If you have an interest in writing for this market or you are studying this area as part of your performing arts course, you'll find these books very useful. Among them we have titles such as Film and Television: A Guide to the Reference Literature; and Role Portrayal and Stereotyping on Television: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies Relating to Women. Visit our site regularly to get more affordable and pre-owned titles as we regularly buy back text books on this subject. Sell back to us now if you have books we'd be interested in. It's all part of the amazing service Valore Books offers to the many American students who rely on us for the cheapest textbooks around today. Try us now and be ready to enjoy cheap deals.

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Film and Television A Guide to the Reference Literature by Emmons, Mark ISBN: 9781563089145 List Price: $40.00
Television Violence A Guide to the Literature by Kelly, P. T. ISBN: 9781560722991 List Price: $95.00
Complete Television, Radio and Cable Industry Directory 2019 by Mars, Laura ISBN: 9781682177846 List Price: $350.00
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