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From How to Identify Mushrooms to How to Know Non-Gilled Mushrooms, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the humble mushroom - and then some! Valore Books stocks plenty of text books on all kinds of different and unusual subjects. However some are more unusual than others as you'll see. Rent cheap mushrooms textbooks today or buy them outright if you wish. When you see each individual listing for a different textbook you will see what the options are in that case. Our prices are always guaranteed to be affordable and discounted, except for those rarities that are extremely hard to come by. In most cases you'll be delighted at how little you have to pay. You can make some cash here too when you sell your mushrooms books back. Try us for size today and unlock the many secrets about mushrooms you never knew were true.

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Mushroom Biology Concise Basics and Current Developments by Miles, Philip G., Chang, Sh... ISBN: 9789810228774 List Price: $65.00
How to Know Non-gilled Mushrooms by Smith, Alex V. ISBN: 9780697047786 List Price: $15.00
How to Identify Mushrooms (to Genus IV): Keys to Families and Genera by Stuntz, Daniel E. ISBN: 9780916422103 List Price: $9.95
How to Identify Mushrooms to Genus III Microscopic Features by Largent, David L., Johnson,... ISBN: 9780916422097 List Price: $21.00
How to Identify Mushrooms to Genus VI The Modern Genera Keys and Descriptions by Largent, David L., Baroni, ... ISBN: 9780916422769 List Price: $25.00
Pocket Guide to Mushrooms by Harris, John C. ISBN: 9781472969606 List Price: $17.95
How to Identify Mushrooms to Genus 1 : Macroscopic Features by Largent, David ISBN: 9780916422011 List Price: $14.75
Genus Mycena in South-Eastern Australia by Grgurinovic, Cheryl A. ISBN: 9789628676521
Manual of Indian Edible Mushrooms by Purkayastha, R. P., Chendra... ISBN: 9781555280017 List Price: $37.00
Astonishing Mushrooms by Bellocq, Alain, Mal´┐Ż, Jaros... ISBN: 9781770855748 List Price: $24.95
Common Mushrooms of Malawi by Morris, Brian ISBN: 9788290724004 List Price: $31.80
Biology and Conservation of Mushrooms by Kaul, T. N. ISBN: 9781578081974 List Price: $65.00
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