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Are you looking for Canadian entries into the world of literary collections? We've got some superb books you can read in this area. Buy cheap Canadian textbooks now and find out exactly what you can look for and buy. You'll also see options to rent used Canadian textbooks in some cases, depending on the individual books you want. Among our titles you'll find examples such as Nature and Culture; Tales for an Unknown City: Stories from One Thousand and One Friday Nights of Storytelling; Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature; and Introduction to Literature: British American-Canadian. With these and many other discounted books available, our collection is changing all the time. Make the time to find and buy used Canadian textbooks now and don't forget we offer a buyback service too. This means we buy back Canadian books so you never have to hang onto anything you don't want to keep.

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Introduction to Literature: British American-Canadian by Lecker, Robert, David, Jack ISBN: 9780060438913 List Price: $29.37
Antoinette De Mirecourt Or Secret Marrying And Secret Sorrowing by Leprohon, Rosanna, Stockdal... ISBN: 9780886290924 List Price: $95.00
Tales for an Unknown City From 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling by Yashinsky, Dan ISBN: 9780773507869 List Price: $95.00
Making a Difference: An Anthology of Ethnic Canadian Writing by Kamboureli, Smaro ISBN: 9780195410785 List Price: $35.00
Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature by Benson, Eugene, Toye, William ISBN: 9780195411676 List Price: $99.00
Border Crossings The Internationalization of Canadian Public Policy by Doern, G. Bruce, Pal, Lesli... ISBN: 9780195411775 List Price: $45.00
Entre Tu y Yo - Marie Sheppard - Paperback by Sheppard, Marie, Cevallos, ... ISBN: 9780030231971 List Price: $29.50
Writing from Canada by Rice, Jim, Hayhoe, Mike ISBN: 9780521423052 List Price: $15.00
Medicine Shows : Indigenous Performance Culture by Nolan, Yvette ISBN: 9781770913455
Oxf.bk.of French-canadian Short Stories by Teleky, Richard, Blais, Mar... ISBN: 9780195402988 List Price: $35.00
Instant Fragile by Blais, Marie-Claire ISBN: 9782893961217
Winter : Atlantic Canadian Stories by Soucoup, Dan ISBN: 9781771085588
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