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From Not With My Life I Don't: Preventing Your Suicide and That Of Others, to Physician Assisted Suicide, we have many in depth and considered text books on this controversial subject. It's essential that talk and information about suicide is brought into the open so we can understand it more and hopefully prevent more cases. Here Valore Books is proud to make access to the best books even easier. Buy cheap suicide textbooks from us today and get the books and information you need without spending a small fortune in the process. With dozens of discounted deals you can make sure you get the cheapest prices as well as accessing the knowledge you require. We buy back suicide books as well, enabling you to get the deals you want and to have your books go to a good home. Try our service today and get the most out of it at every point.

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Suicide - Stephen A. Flanders - Hardcover by Flanders, Stephen A. ISBN: 9780816019090 List Price: $39.95
Suicide by Salomon, Ron, Levitt, Pat ISBN: 9780791090077 List Price: $37.50
Not With My Life I Don't Preventing Your Suicide and That of Others by Rosenthal, Howard ISBN: 9780915202775 List Price: $33.95
Physician-Assisted Suicide by Marzilli, Alan ISBN: 9780791074855 List Price: $32.95
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