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We've all seen homeless people on the street. We can provide you with affordable deals on books that look into this particular subject, so you can get the cheapest prices on pre-owned copies of books in this area. Buy homelessness and poverty textbooks from us today and look through pages that have been written to appeal to juveniles. Look for Poverty; Homelessness; Kids' Guide to Hunger and Homelessness: How to Take Action!; and Poverty: Changing Attitudes 1900-2000. We have a regular influx of other books coming in as well, thanks to the efficient buyback service we run. Sell your homelessness and poverty books back here at any point - we'll always be glad of them. Learning about this area of life at a young age can help people to develop more positive attitudes to it. It also means we can help the people who need it most, in lots of different ways.

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Homelessness (Opposing Viewpoints) by Greenhaven Editor ISBN: 9780737759396 List Price: $39.70
Homelessness (Opposing Viewpoints) by Greenhaven Editor ISBN: 9780737759402 List Price: $27.50
Poverty by Greene, Robert ISBN: 9781602791268 List Price: $27.07
Irish Potato Famine by Gallagher, Carole S. ISBN: 9780791057889 List Price: $30.00
Kids' Guide to Hunger & Homelessness How to Take Action! by Kaye, Cathryn Berger ISBN: 9781575422404 List Price: $6.95
Face the Facts by Unknown ISBN: 9781410904324 List Price: $24.15
Let's Talk about Staying in a Shelter by Weitzman, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781608534524 List Price: $42.50
Wants or Needs by Moore, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781429681971
Wants or Needs by Moore, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781429678766
Hard Lives, Mean Streets: Violence in the Lives of Homeless Women (Northeastern Series on Ge... by Jasinski, Jana L., Wesely, ... ISBN: 9781555537258 List Price: $85.00
War on Poverty by Laine, Carolee ISBN: 9781680783995 List Price: $35.64
Poverty by Mason, Paul ISBN: 9781403477439 List Price: $31.43
What's It All Worth? The Value of Money by Bailey, Gerry, Law, Felicia... ISBN: 9780756516734 List Price: $29.27
Poverty by Senker, Cath ISBN: 9780836877571 List Price: $31.00
World Poverty by Bowden, Rob ISBN: 9781410900494 List Price: $9.99
World Poverty by Bowden, Rob ISBN: 9780739864364 List Price: $32.86
Homelessness and Street Crime by Schauer, Peter J. ISBN: 9781534500952
Coping with Homelessness by L�sted, Marcia Amidon ISBN: 9781508176916
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