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The performing arts draws a lot of young people to it, some of whom go on to become very successful in this area. Now you can buy theater textbooks online from our website in order to get the best and cheapest books available on the subject. These include Stage and the School; What is Scenography?; Shakespeare's Theater; and Behind the Scenes. With affordable prices paid for discounted books in this section, you won't have to spend anywhere near as much as you might think to get some great deals and some good books on your shelves. Learn more about the theatrical world today and develop your understanding of it in as many ways as possible. With the ability to sell your theater books back when you're done, you cannot lose when you use our website. Enjoy the Valore Books website today for the deals you would love to get.

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What Is Scenography? by Howard, Pamela ISBN: 9780415473200 List Price: $39.95
Staging a Play (Culture in Action) by Underwood, Deborah ISBN: 9781410933966 List Price: $28.21
Adv-LVL: Early Dys/Amricn Thetr G5 Trph by Harcourt School Publishers ... ISBN: 9780153233876 List Price: $5.10
Out and about at the Theater by Kemper, Bitsy, Trover, Zachary ISBN: 9781404822818 List Price: $25.26
International Directory of Design Film, Photography, Video, Theatrical by Editorial Board Staff ISBN: 9781885225337 List Price: $54.95
What Is a Play? by Culp, Jennifer ISBN: 9781622756698
All the World's a Stage! : Individual Title Six-Packs by Unknown ISBN: 9780763584061 List Price: $44.00
Drama Club by Emmer, Rae ISBN: 9781608529988 List Price: $42.50
Drama Club / Club de Teatro by Emmer, Rae ISBN: 9781608530045 List Price: $42.50
Staging a Play (Culture in Action) by Underwood, Deborah, Heinema... ISBN: 9781410934130 List Price: $7.99
In the Movies by Unknown ISBN: 9780322029828 List Price: $36.50
Behind the Scenes by Harcourt School Publishers ... ISBN: 9780153278839 List Price: $5.10
What Is a Play? by Culp, Jennifer ISBN: 9781622756704
What Is a Play? by Culp, Jennifer ISBN: 9781622756681
Directing in Theater by Freedman, Jeri ISBN: 9781502622839 List Price: $42.79
Producing in Theater by Harmon, Don ISBN: 9781502622815 List Price: $42.79
Set Design and Prop Making in Theater by Bryan, Bethany ISBN: 9781502622792 List Price: $42.79
Lighting and Sound in Theater by Capaccio, George ISBN: 9781502622754 List Price: $42.79
Music in Theater by Rauf, Don ISBN: 9781502622716 List Price: $42.79
What Are Plays? by Owings, Lisa ISBN: 9781467740609
Shakespeare's Theater by Greenhill, Wendy, Wignall, ... ISBN: 9781403486103 List Price: $29.29
Theatre And Entertainment by Elgin, Kathy, Hook, Adam ISBN: 9780756508883 List Price: $27.93
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