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If you want to learn about the process of getting married - and what happens when marriages end - we can help you. Buy cheap marriage and divorce textbooks from our juvenile collection today and make sure you understand the nature of these events in life. Look for Family Break-Up; Child Custody Issues; Weekends with Dad: What to Expect When Your Parents Divorce; and Talking About Family Break Up. This is an issue that can and does affect many young people. Make sure you find out more about it if you need to, so you can buy used marriage and divorce textbooks from us and get the best out of every copy. Our prices often sit at below a dollar, so you can get access to the affordable books you want without having a huge budget to work with. We buy back marriage and divorce books too, so you can even sell back here if you find you have outgrown the books.

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Weekends with Dad : What to Expect When Your Parents Divorce by Higgins, Melissa, Kirwan, W... ISBN: 9781404866782
Child Custody Issues (Point/Counterpoint) by Hudson, David L., Jr., Marz... ISBN: 9781604136890 List Price: $35.00
Divorce by Mattern, Joanne ISBN: 9781432910020
Divorce and Separation by Murphy, Patricia J., Murphy... ISBN: 9781403497802 List Price: $7.99
Everything You Need to Know about Custody by Manley, Claudia ISBN: 9781608540624 List Price: $58.50
Divorce by Mattern, Joanne ISBN: 9781432910099
Understanding Your Parents' Divorce by Lenarki, Becky, Calhoun, Fl... ISBN: 9781508171270
Divorce, Family Court, and Family Law by Callahan, Timothy, Bianchi,... ISBN: 9781508171263
Divorce and Family Finances by Jones, Viola, Frisch, Carli... ISBN: 9781508171256
Divorce and Separation by Murphy, Patricia J. ISBN: 9781403497758 List Price: $25.36
Family Break-Up by Bishop, Keeley, Tripp, Penny ISBN: 9781403408198 List Price: $32.86
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