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Are you interested in the chance to buy used opposites textbooks instead of opting for the brand new copies you would get elsewhere? It might seem like a bad deal to get a used copy, but let's take a closer look at the prices you can associate with them. You'd be amazed at how affordable these books are, and how many you can choose from. Learn about opposites and what they mean from titles such as I Know Opposites. This is just one example - we've got plenty more available as well. Look out for discounted offers on all our pre-owned books for junior readers and juveniles. You can sell your opposites books back later if you no longer need to keep them, and be pleased that other students can make the most of them as well. All in all you can be pleased at saving money and possibly making it as well with us.

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Grandes y Pequenos: Un Libro de Animals Opuesto by Bullard, Lisa ISBN: 9781429623896
I Know Opposites/ Conceptos Contrarios by Holland, Gini ISBN: 9780836883077 List Price: $15.90
I Know Opposites by Holland, Gini ISBN: 9780836882971 List Price: $21.20
Let's Learn Opposites by Saunders, Katie ISBN: 9781435149403
Old and New by Smith, Sian ISBN: 9781484603352
Opposites / Los Contrarios by Petelinsek, Kathleen, Primm... ISBN: 9781592964543 List Price: $22.79
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