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Skating Day by Mayer, Mercer ISBN: 9781577685883 List Price: $3.95
A Great Day to Skate by Allen, Kenny ISBN: 9781404268197 List Price: $5.15
New York City by Thompson, Lisa, Thompson, Lisa ISBN: 9781404816701 List Price: $21.26
RPM Pur Skating Trail 6/Pk (PMS) by Unknown ISBN: 9780763592264 List Price: $35.00
RPM SAP 29 Catching Air! 6/Pk (PMS) by Unknown ISBN: 9780757809743 List Price: $44.00
RPM Sil Skate @ Rainbow Lk6/Pk (PMS) by Unknown ISBN: 9780763596637 List Price: $35.00
The Skateboard by Minden, Cecilia, Ostrom, Bob ISBN: 9781602530218 List Price: $24.21
Gold Medal Winter by Levine, Arthur A. ISBN: 9780545643788 List Price: $16.99
Randi Goes for the Gold! by Older, Effin, Ramsey, Marcy... ISBN: 9780553485226
Skate, Kate Skate Easy Phonics Reader by Carratello, Patty ISBN: 9781576900109 List Price: $0.62
Skates of Uncle Richard by Harcourt School Publishers ... ISBN: 9780153055867 List Price: $20.50
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