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How easy do you find it to buy pregnancy textbooks online that are aimed at younger readers? Many people find it hard to get books like this, especially when they are written as fiction. That's why we've made doubly sure you can buy cheap pregnancy textbooks that fit this category. Look for Impossible; Bright Future; Mother to Embarrass Me; and Someone Like You among other titles we have. The message we have for all students is simple - you can sell your pregnancy books back here and we'll pay you for doing so. We will also make those books available for other students to buy or rent; used pregnancy textbooks are more accessible and much easier to find than you might think. This is the best part of Valore Books and everything we can offer you - we're good at finding discounted and pre-owned books to serve your needs the best.

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Mother to Embarrass Me by Williams, Carol Lynch ISBN: 9780385900287
Star in the Middle by Millward, Carol Larese ISBN: 9781934813294
Impossible by Werlin, Nancy ISBN: 9780784834886
Someone Like You by Dessen, Sarah ISBN: 9780784835395
Bright Future by Howden, Iris ISBN: 9780340720943
Waiting for Gonzo by Cousins, Dave ISBN: 9780738741994 List Price: $9.99
Little Brother Pumpkin Head by Panzieri, Lucia, Enria, Sam... ISBN: 9780823435371
Opposite of Love by Unknown ISBN: 9780807561324
Mother to Embarrass Me by Williams, Carol Lynch ISBN: 9780385729222
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