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Buy cheap Africa textbooks now and find out more about the people and places that make this country what it is. Sometimes the best way to learn about a country is to read fictional stories that are based there. This is exactly the type of opportunity you will get when you come to our website to grab some affordable and pre-owned textbooks. Look for Many Stones; Little Library Literacy: Lizo's Song Ndebele; Busy in the Bushveld: South African Edition; and Tales of Africa II: Retold Timeless Classics. When you visit our website and look for affordable deals to help younger readers enjoy stories like these, you'll always find pre-owned copies for vastly discounted prices. With our help, the art of reading becomes much cheaper than it would otherwise be. Start using Valore Books all the time and get more from whatever budget you might have available. You'll be glad you did.

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Amazing Africa by Thompson, Lisa, Harvey, Roger ISBN: 9781404816749 List Price: $21.26
Busy in the Bushveld South African Edition by Reid, Carolyn, Linington, V... ISBN: 9780521636803 List Price: $5.45
Many Stones by Coman, Carolyn ISBN: 9780784835982
Little Library Literacy: Lizo's Song Ndebele by Hodson, Christopher, Pulles... ISBN: 9780521702829
Little Library Literacy: Lizo's Song Xhosa by Hodson, Christopher, Pulles... ISBN: 9780521702836
Little Library Literacy: Lizo's Song Siswati by Hodson, Christopher, Pulles... ISBN: 9780521702867
Hole in the Wall by Wilhelm, Hans ISBN: 9780823435357
Emerald Tree : A Story from Africa by Palazzo-Craig, Janet, Reaso... ISBN: 9780816757930 List Price: $39.95
Banana-Leaf Ball : How Play Can Change the World by Milway, Katie Smith, Evans,... ISBN: 9781771383318
Kay Kay's Alphabet Safari by Sullivan, Dana ISBN: 9781585369058
Tales Of Africa II Retold Timeless Classics by Hall, Peg, Hargreaves, Greg ISBN: 9780789150684 List Price: $6.65
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