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Do you love the excitement of a good tale about pirates? Buy cheap pirates textbooks now and discover all kinds of tales about these very people. Our juvenile fiction area has stories of all kinds but these are certainly very popular. Look out for stories about the Black Pearl, not to mention popular books such as Treasure Island. Other titles such as The Pirate, Big Fist and Me; Pedro the Pirate, and Pirates: Or the Truth about Life on the High Seas are also available. Make sure you have the best chance to get the cheapest deals on all manner of great pirate books today. Affordable prices are easy to find here, and you can sell back your books as well at any point. That's thanks to our buyback system, which we are sure you will love just as much as our other services. Get on the high seas today!

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Treasure Island by Tim, Hamilton, Avi, Wyeth, ... ISBN: 9780689832123 List Price: $5.99
Black Pearl by O'Dell, Scott ISBN: 9780440411468 List Price: $6.99
Pedro the Pirate (Reading Corner) by Gowar, Mick, Walker, Rory ISBN: 9781597712361 List Price: $25.65
Pirate, Big Fist, and Me by Garvey, Brann, Peschke, Mar... ISBN: 9781598892796
Treasure Island (Essential Classics) by Francis, Pauline ISBN: 9780237540852
Space Pirates by Orme, David, Savage, Paul ISBN: 9781598890167 List Price: $21.26
Time Soldiers: Patch (Time Soldiers (Teacher Created Resources)) by Duey, Kathleen, Epstein, Eu... ISBN: 9781420689426 List Price: $6.99
Pirates : Or the Truth about Life on the High Seas by Shreve, Steve, Shreve, Steve ISBN: 9780237542863
Two Pirates: Level 2: Fluency (Red Rocket Readers: Fiction Set A) by Holden, Pam, Whimp, Pauline ISBN: 9781877363719 List Price: $30.00
The 6/Pk Sail Mag Treasure (Sails) by Rigby Education Staff ISBN: 9780763598730 List Price: $27.00
Eye. Eye. Captain! by Clarke, Jane, Fox, Woody, K... ISBN: 9781404849068
Dead Cool by Clover, Peter, Garvey, Brann ISBN: 9781598891003 List Price: $21.26
Where the Pirates Are by Townsend, Tom ISBN: 9780890155530 List Price: $7.95
Treasure Island by Tim, Hamilton, McGuinn, Nic... ISBN: 9780521485685 List Price: $11.00
Ship of Shadows: Secrets of the Stars by Kuzniar, Maria ISBN: 9780241372937
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