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Buy cheap parodies textbooks today and discover how parody is a great form of humor to be admired. Many comedians and writers have gotten great mileage out of this area of humor, so why not read some of the best books on the topic now? Rent used parodies textbooks such as A Night Without Armor II: The Revenge; and Rapunzel Meets Santa Claus in Hell, to name just a couple of the books we've had here. Our collection is constantly changing as we buy back parodies books whenever we get the chance. We buy, sell and rent books on a daily basis so make sure you bookmark this page if you love this form of humor. You never know what you'll find when you next pay us a visit. In the meantime you can get the very best from our collection now to be delivered to your door very soon.

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A Night Without Armor II: The Revenge - Beau Sia - Paperback by Sia, Beau, Badler, Ill ISBN: 9780966204292 List Price: $10.00
Now That You're Big : A Parody by Greiner, Simon, Greiner, Simon ISBN: 9781629143521
Rapunzel Meets Santa Claus in Hell by Unknown ISBN: 9781931090001 List Price: $13.95
Very Thirsty Vampire : A Parody by Teitelbaum, Michael, Apple,... ISBN: 9781629147697
Selp-Helf by Sings, Miranda ISBN: 9781501117954
Fifty Shelves of Grey by L.O.L. James, Wilson, Marty ISBN: 9781922132116
Raising Trump : Parody by Joseph, Evana ISBN: 9781366167965 List Price: $6.99
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