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With more than a couple dozen text books on this particular area of house and home care and attention, you'll see it is easy to get the books you want. We specialize in providing affordable prices on all manner of pre-owned text books, including ones in this area. This means you can buy cheap hand tools textbooks now to find out more about how you can and should use them. Look out for Construction Technology Trainee Guide; Tool Steels; Modern Household Equipment; and Industrialization and Robotics in Building. As you can see there is a real mix of titles here, so whatever aspect of this topic you want more information on, you'll probably get what you need. Rent cheap hand tools textbooks too if you like, or alternatively sell your hand tools books back if you buy them outright from us today. We give you all the options you could need.

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Core Curriculum Trainee Guide 2009 Revision, Hardcover by NCCER ISBN: 9780136086369 List Price: $65.33
Handbook of Paleolithic Typology Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Europe by Debenath, Andre, Dibble, Ha... ISBN: 9780924171239 List Price: $60.00
Tools at Work : 5 Station Site License by Unknown ISBN: 9781933093192
Stone Axe Studies III by Davis, Vin, Edmonds, Mark ISBN: 9781842174210 List Price: $96.00
Modern Household Equipment by Brasher, Ruth E., Garrison,... ISBN: 9780023405006 List Price: $38.67
Tom Stoppard's Plays by Hunter, Jim ISBN: 9780394624143 List Price: $12.50
Tools at Work by Unknown ISBN: 9781893806825
Axe Age Acheulian Tool-making, from Quarry to Discard by Goren-Inbar, N., Sharon, Gonen ISBN: 9781845531386 List Price: $95.00
Drop Hammer a Play by Fried, Emanuel ISBN: 9780960388813 List Price: $4.50
Instrumentation by National Center for Constru... ISBN: 9780132664202 List Price: $50.00
Industrialization and Robotics in Building by Warszawski, Abraham ISBN: 9780000008909 List Price: $59.50
Woodshop Tool Maintenance by Cunningham, Beryl M., Holtr... ISBN: 9780026662802 List Price: $23.96
Bones as Tools: Current Methods and Interpretations in Worked Bone Studies (bar s) by Gates St. Pierre, Christian... ISBN: 9781407300344 List Price: $90.00
Use of Tools by Human and Non-Human Primates by Berthelet, Arlette, Chavail... ISBN: 9780198522638 List Price: $125.00
Die Äxte und Beile in Niedersachsen by Laux, Friedrich ISBN: 9783515071772
Die Schwerter in Ostdeutschland by Wüstemann, Harry, Riederer, J. ISBN: 9783515084413
Underwater Tools by Hackman, D. J., Caudy, D. W. ISBN: 9783540906544 List Price: $44.00
Standard for Stationary and Fixed Electric Tools, UL 987 by Unknown ISBN: 9781559896351 List Price: $330.00
Die Axte und Beile in Bayern (PBF IX 20) (Prahistorische Bronzefunde (PBF)) (German Edition) by Pászthory, Katharine, Mayer... ISBN: 9783515066860 List Price: $191.00
Standard for Tests for Sharpness of Edges on Equipment UL 1439 by Underwriters Lab Staff ISBN: 9780762902750 List Price: $76.00
Introduccion a las Herramientas de Mano by NCCER ISBN: 9780136144939 List Price: $25.33
How to Make Carpentry Tools : An Illustrated Manual by Moore, Aaron ISBN: 9781853391736
Instrumentation, Level 1, Vol. 1 - NCCER Staff - Paperback by National Center for Constru... ISBN: 9780132454407 List Price: $50.00
Die Beile in Polen by Szpunar, A., Kusnierz, Jerz... ISBN: 9783515083324
Cognition and Tool Use Forms of Engagement in Human and Animal Use of Tools by Baber, Christopher ISBN: 9780415277297 List Price: $47.95
Tool and Die Design and Construction by Casey, Joseph ISBN: 9780134364452 List Price: $57.33
Hatchet and Bear Book of Spoon Carving by Osborne, E. J., Forsberg, M... ISBN: 9781849497190
Chainsaw Manual for Homeowners by Ruth, Brian ISBN: 9781565239272 List Price: $19.99
Lifetime Controlling Defects in Tool Steels by Sohar, Christian Rudolf ISBN: 9783662507889 List Price: $129.00
China at Work by Hommel, Rudolf P. ISBN: 9780598579812 List Price: $117.80
Neolithic Flint Axes from the Cotswold Hills by Tyler, Alan ISBN: 9780904531282 List Price: $42.00
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