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Students who are learning about health and fitness at college will now be able to buy cheap health care issues textbooks. Our website has a wide range of text books available on this subject, including Why the United States Lacks a National Health Insurance Program and Universal Health Care. Whatever you need to know about this topic, you can find out in an affordable manner through our discounted and pre-owned text books. If you prefer, you can rent used health care issues textbooks so you are able to enjoy significant discounts over the usual prices. Whatever you want to buy or borrow, you can do it here. We buy back health care issues books as well, so get in touch if you can add some volumes to our collection. With affordable prices for everyone and a wide range of volumes to consider buying, you can be sure of finding the cheapest text books on health care issues on our website.

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Why the United States Lacks a National Health Insurance Program by Laham, Nicholas ISBN: 9780313287459 List Price: $98.95
Patients as Policy Actors (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine) by Hoffman, Beatrix, Grob, Rac... ISBN: 9780813550510 List Price: $29.95
Understanding Advocacy for Children and Young People by Boylan, Jane, Dalrymple, Jane ISBN: 9780335223725 List Price: $127.95
Health Care Reform and the Battle for the Body Politic by Beauchamp, Dan E. ISBN: 9781566394147 List Price: $21.95
From Issue to Action by Taylor, Eleanor D. ISBN: 9780962887505 List Price: $14.50
Patients as Policy Actors (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine) by Hoffman, Beatrix, Grob, Rac... ISBN: 9780813550503 List Price: $75.00
Preventing Eating-Related and Weight-Related Disorders: Collaborative Research, Advocacy, an... by McVey, Gail, McVey, Gail, L... ISBN: 9781554583409 List Price: $38.95
Universal Healthcare (Point/Counterpoint) by Sherrow, Victoria, Marzilli... ISBN: 9781604135053 List Price: $35.00
National Health Insurance Can We Learn from Canada by Andreopoulos, Spyros ISBN: 9780898743470 List Price: $23.50
Strategic Research and Political Communication for NGOs: Initiating Policy Change by Communication Management Sc... ISBN: 9788132101208 List Price: $29.95
Problem That Won't Go Away Reforming U.S. Health Care Financing by Aaron, Henry J. ISBN: 9780815700098 List Price: $22.95
Responsible National Health Insurance by Pauly, Mark V., Danzon, Pat... ISBN: 9780844770161 List Price: $24.75
Advocacy for Children and Young Adults by Boylan, Jane, Dalrymple, Jane ISBN: 9780335223732
Patient Power? The Politics of Patients' Associations in Britain and America by Wood, Bruce ISBN: 9780335203680 List Price: $105.00
Equalising Opportunities, Minimising Oppression A Critical Review of Anti-Discriminatory Pol... by Tomlinson, Dylan Ronald, Tr... ISBN: 9780415250863 List Price: $104.95
Twenty Myths About National Health Insurance by Goodman, John C., Musgrove,... ISBN: 9780943802695 List Price: $10.00
36 Steps on the Road to Medicare : How Saskatchewan Led the Way by Houston, C. Stuart, Massie,... ISBN: 9780773542860 List Price: $19.95
Federal Health Care Discrimination Law by Johnson, David Didier ISBN: 9781682675816
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