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Are you looking for a chance to rent cheap allergies textbooks so you can discover more about how these afflictions can change lives? We've got lots of books about allergy information and advice, so you can always find the ones you need at affordable prices. We can provide you with discounted deals that amount to a great offer whenever you come to Valore Books. Look out for Is Your Child Allergic? A Practical Guide for Parents; Rhinoconjunctivitis: New Perspectives in Topical Treatment; and A Color Atlas of Pediatric Allergy, to name just three of the text books we have in on a regular basis. Our collection is never the same over two days though, as we buy back allergies books and make them available for sale via our website. You can sell your allergies books back too if you want, but we will always offer the best prices to everyone.

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A Color Atlas of Pediatric Allergy by Warner, John O., Jackson, P... ISBN: 9780815191032 List Price: $52.00
Is Your Child Allergic? : A Practical Guide for Parents by Kuzemko, Jan A. ISBN: 9780809570843 List Price: $25.00
Rhinoconjunctivitis New Perspectives in Topical Treatment by Mygind, Niels, Naclerio, R. ISBN: 9780920887547 List Price: $22.00
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