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Do you want to buy used acupressure and acupuncture textbooks to help you save money on your college studies? We can provide cheap acupressure and acupuncture textbooks that will give discounts of as much as 99% on the usual price. It couldn't be easier to browse the selection and choose the books you need. Look for titles including Shiatsu, Salonovations' Shiatsu Massage and First Aid at your Fingertips. With top authors including Erica Miller and Corinna Somma, you'll find the cheapest and best titles available for sale here. You can sell your acupressure and acupuncture books back to us later on if you wish. Contact us for more information about this service or look for pre-owned titles on our website and see what prices we offer for them. Either way, you can be sure of getting access to a great and discounted service. That's why Valore Books is the best.

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Shiatsu by Somma, Corinna ISBN: 9780131184190 List Price: $56.00
Salonovations' Shiatsu Massage by Miller, Erica T. ISBN: 9781562532642 List Price: $29.95
First Aid at Your Fingertips by Lawson-Wood, J., Lawson-Woo... ISBN: 9780846410096 List Price: $8.95
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