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What do you normally do with a house plant? Are you one of those people who can grow anything when given half a chance? Maybe you go in the opposite direction and kill anything you get hold of? Whatever the case may be you can improve your skills and buy cheap house plants and indoor textbooks today to ensure you know everything you need to know about these types of plants. Look for Growing Beautiful Houseplants; Interior Landscaping; Interior Plantscapes: Installation, Maintenance and Management; and The Healthy Indoor Plant: A Guide to Successful Indoor Gardening. As you can see the range here is vast, so you can buy used house plants and indoor textbooks to help you with your own specific needs. Enjoy the cheapest prices on all the books we sell and watch your plants flourish as a result. You might even discover you have green fingers after all.

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Indoor Plants by Briggs, George B., Calvin, ... ISBN: 9780471032984 List Price: $186.95
Growing Beautiful Houseplants - Rob Herwig - Hardcover by Herwig, Rob ISBN: 9780816024544 List Price: $45.00
House Plants by Gilbert, Zoe ISBN: 9781853680380 List Price: $25.00
Hortica Color Cyclopedia of Garden Flora and Exotic Plants Indoors by Graf, Alfred Byrd ISBN: 9780911266252 List Price: $195.00
Interior Landscaping by Furuta, Tokuji ISBN: 9780835931205 List Price: $57.00
Interior Plantscaping by Sanderson ISBN: 9780827375932 List Price: $36.00
A-Z of House Plants by Johnson-Barker, Carole, Pie... ISBN: 9781853680618
Houseplants and Design : A New Zealand Guide by Carlson, Liz ISBN: 9781991006110
Interior Landscaping by Furuta, Tokuji ISBN: 9780835931212
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