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Every topic has references to go back to, contained in a series of books that should help anyone get to grips with the facts and figures. Here you have a chance to buy cheap reference textbooks that relate to games. You might be surprised at the sheer range of books that are in this section too. For example you can find the likes of The Anthropology of Sport: An Introduction; The Elementary Teacher's Handbook of Indoor and Outdoor Games; Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures; and Sports and Games of the Renaissance. With these and many other affordable books around as well, you can see what an impressive collection we have built up. When you look to rent cheap reference textbooks you will find good deals in this respect too, so check out our entire range and make sure you get the best value for money on your pre-owned text books today.

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Sports And Games Of The Renaissance by Leibs, Andrew ISBN: 9780313327728 List Price: $51.95
Elementary Teacher's Handbook of Indoor and Outdoor Games by Kamiya, Arthur ISBN: 9780787219307 List Price: $27.95
Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures by Wilkins, Sally E. D. ISBN: 9780313317118 List Price: $56.95
Sports and Games of the 18th and 19th Centuries by Crego, Robert ISBN: 9780313316104 List Price: $55.00
Sports and Games of the Ancients by Craig, Steve ISBN: 9780313316005 List Price: $55.00
Early Days in Texas: A Trip to Hell and Heaven - Jim McIntire by McIntire, Jim, DeArment, Ro... ISBN: 9780806124070 List Price: $22.95
Spiele und Spielzeug Im Antiken Palästina by Hübner, Ulrich ISBN: 9783525537558
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