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Card games come in all forms and types, and this is why many people explore a few before settling on one or two that really appeal to them. Buy cheap bridge textbooks today if this is the game you have decided on, so you can see how appealing it is and how much you can enjoy playing it. Look out for Bridge Literature; Turquoise Club - Contract Bridge Method: Efficient Bridge Bidding The RBL Way; Bridge Stories and Ideas; and Bridge for the Awful to Average Player. As you can see there are text books here that are ideal for beginners and people who go through to being much more advanced too. Whenever you want to buy bridge textbooks online you should consider our selection of pre-owned books before you do anything else. Make sure you grab the cheapest deals and remember you can sell your bridge books back if you ever reach the stage of outgrowing them.

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Two over one game force: Simplified by Unknown ISBN: 9780964238404 List Price: $12.95
Bridge Stories and Ideas by Workman, Michael ISBN: 9780970578204 List Price: $8.00
JumpStart by Potter, James E., Potter, E... ISBN: 9781885587633 List Price: $27.50
Bridge Literature by Unknown ISBN: 9780321401014
Bridge Literature by Unknown ISBN: 9780321401021
Bridge Tips by World Masters by Reese, Terence ISBN: 9780709029083
Times Beginner's Guide to Bridge by Robson, Andrew, The Times M... ISBN: 9780008130947
Bridge Secrets by Collins, Pottage, Julian ISBN: 9780008250478
Defending Doubled Contracts by Klinger, Ron ISBN: 9781474600682
Abbot, the Parrot and the Bermuda Bowl by Bird, David ISBN: 9781474600781
Deceptive Plays in Bridge by Kelsey, Hugh ISBN: 9780785526100
Times Beginner's Guide to Bridge by Robson, Andrew, Times Mind ... ISBN: 9780008343767
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