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Have you struggled to find foreign language study text books elsewhere at prices you can afford? Here at Valore Books we know you have a budget to stick to. We also know you need to make sure you have discounted books rather than full price ones to make life easier. This is why we've made it easy for you to buy cheap multi-language dictionaries textbooks from us for less money. When you do you'll realize it doesn't have to be hard to get the books you want. Look for titles such as The Multilingual Computer Dictionary; English Dictionaries for Foreign Learners: A History; Dependability: Basic Concepts and Terminology; and even the likes of Insurance Dictionary: English, German, French, Greek. As you can see it is far easier than you think to buy multi-language dictionaries online that relate to your college studies. Make sure you get the best deals from us today.

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English Dictionaries for Foreign Learners A History by Cowie, A. P. ISBN: 9780198235064 List Price: $175.00
The Multilingual Computer Dictionary by Isaacs, Alan ISBN: 9780871968227 List Price: $12.95
Insurance Dictionary : English-German-French-Greek by Witherby and Co. Ltd., Staff ISBN: 9780785541455
Dependability: Basic Concepts and Terminology - J.C. C. Laprie - Hardcover by Laprie, J. C., Avizienis, A... ISBN: 9780387822969 List Price: $122.00
Multilingual Computer Dictionary by Isaacs, Alan ISBN: 9780871964311 List Price: $22.50
Insurance Dictionary : English-German-French-Arabic by Witherby and Co. Ltd., Staff ISBN: 9780785541486
Six Language Traveler's Dictionary by Unknown ISBN: 9780946913190
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